Grace: Double Jeopardy

After Thalia had been out for about 20 minutes a guard came and got me, Melody, Pheobe and Flare.  For some reason they left the other three.  They took us to a room where we were greeted by Thalia and Kyos who were talking like old enemies.  They questioned us for a good hour, then sent us back to our cell.  Thalia, however, went to have dinner with Kyos.  What is wrong with her!  I thought, does she not realize that he's the BAD GUY!

An hour after dinner a different guard came and took us to the same room where we were greeted by the same thing.  Thalia and Kyos talking like old friends, but this time the new enemy part seemed to have dissipated.  They asked us the same questions.  It was like Double Jeopardy in court, which, for you who don't know, is against the laws of the Constitution.  Apparently Kyos didn't care what the Constitution said was against the law...but we weren't exactly in a formal court either.  Oh well. 

After they questioned us the second time they sent us back to the cell to go to bed.  Thalia once again did not come back.  I really hope that Melody was right about her plan within a plan, or if she had abandoned us and switched sides.  It seems like the former is more likely...and we all were hoping that the former is what was true.  You don't know how much we were hoping that. 

The End

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