Sophia: A Plan Within A Plan

Looking back on it, I wish we’d gone around the back of the obsidian palace, because the roof was the worst idea ever. Grace and Flare went up the deadly beanstalk first, followed by Melody and Phoebe, then Astrid, Me and Aria while Thalia brought up the rear.

When Thalia had pulled herself onto the cold roof, Melody flicked her wrist and the vines seeped back into the ground without a sound. Aria glanced up at the sky “Go, Go, Go!” she snapped quietly, pulling the hatch open. Thalia went first this time followed by Grace, Flare, Astrid, Melody and Aria and I jumped down last.

Now this is the bad part. As soon as I hit the floor a sword point touched my neck, sending chills down my spine. We were completely surrounded by pretty much every monster you could think of. On the other end of the sword at my throat was a boy. A little older than me. Maybe 18 or 19. His unruly black hair fell in waves over cruel, but intelligent pure gold eyes. He smiled at me, but it was a teasing smile, with pure evil intentions behind it.

The boy was tall and well defined. He was wearing just a simple black shirt and jeans, but his sharp features and the way he held himself told me straight away this was the guy that almost defeated Olympus. “Kyos” I snarled. He smiled heartlessly again. “You must be Sophia. Oh, I’ve heard so much about you.” His voice was smooth, like a cat’s purr, but there was no warmth in it.

Kyos’ eyes flickered to Thalia, who was standing calmly, her face expressionless. Thalia gestured for Kyos to lower his sword and to my surprise – he did. Kyos moved closer to Thalia and rested a hand on her shoulder as if they were good friends “Long time, no see. Thalia Night.” He said. Thalia smiled coldly “Likewise.” She said.

Kyos looked over the rest of us with grudging admiration. “You were very bold to come here. Even with the Elite 4’s help. But you see, we’ve known about you for days, weeks even.” His voice was proud and commanding. It wasn’t hard to imagine how he mustered an army big enough to take on Olympus.

“Yeah, Yeah. We know 1 part brave, 3 parts fool. Get on with Kyos, we haven’t go all year.” snapped Aria, Astrid put a hand on her shoulder. Kyos winked at her “fiery as always Aria. but honestly, I would’ve thought Thalia knew about the patrols around the mountain.” I looked at Thalia, appalled.

“You knew we’d get spotted?” I asked, dread filling my veins “and you didn’t say anything?” Thalia looked at me, her eyes bright and flickering with power “Yes.” She said solemnly. Betrayal. That’s the first thing I felt. a cold, sharp stab of betrayal. I trembled with anger. “How could you?” I demanded my voice deadly calm. Thalia looked away, but said “Easy.” As if that cleared everything up.

“Take them to the dungeons and Thalia to the Throne Room. We have many things to discuss, she and I.” Kyos ordered before I could do anything. We were led away from Thalia and Kyos, kicking and screaming.

The cells weren’t pretty. Skeletons of humans and monsters alike littered to wet floors and rats scurried about like lice. I sat down against the back wall. My head buried in my hands.How could she do this to us, to me?I thought desperately.She’s supposed to be good. On our side!Tears fell freely down my cheeks.

Melody came over and sat next to me. She put her arm around me and said silently so the others couldn’t hear “She didn’t betray us, Sophia.” I looked up, confused. “Thalia is the kind of girl you have to look sideways to catch, to understand.” She said “She fights the way some people play chess, like she’s moving all the pieces and you can’t see the pattern until she’s made the final move and won with her sword at your throat.” The wisdom of Melody’s words still didn’t stop that feeling of disloyalty inside of me. Melody gave me a long, sad look. Like she desperately wanted to tell me what was happening, but believed I needed to figure things out for myself. She stood and brushed off her jeans. “Just remember, Sophia…” she stopped, thinking

“With Thalia, there is always a plan within a plan.”

The End

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