Astrid: Always In The Trees, Always About The Boy

Stuffin my hands in my pockets, I walked along the forested mountain side. The leaves underfoot made no noise, the wind howled and sang its lunar song as it danced its way around the few trees and boulders. The moon was bright and full above, reminding me of Aria’s fierce silver eyes.

Finding a skinny oak tree around the bend, out of view of the camp, I scurried up it
like a squirrel and settled myself of branch, hidden by the vibrant green
leaves of this tree. Naturally my “alone time” didn’t last long.

“You’re not so bad.” said an annoyingly familiar voice from the branch above. I looked up, scowling. Aria sat lazily on a branch like she’d been there the whole time.
“Gee Whiz! I’m flattered” I said sarcastically “Well, you should be. I’m not
one for soppy compliments.” Aria sild down onto the branch next to me. “You
need to work on your hearing; I was walking right behind you when you left
camp.” said Aria, with that gleam in her eyes that always seemed to say “You
better not have a big ego or you’ll regret whatever comes out of your mouth.”

I opened my mouth the shoot back an annoyed comment, but somehow I knew that Aria was just toying with me, so I clamped my mouth shut again, determined not to
give her the satisfaction. I leaned back and let my thought wonder to Lucas. Aria

“Boy problems, I’d wager?” she asked. I stared at her, stunned “How’d you –” Aria
held up a finger “Trust me, you live around 3 other adolescent girls for 4 millennia,
you start to see the broken heart look.” She said “What? You mean all of you were
in love with others once?” I asked. Aria raised an eyebrow “Of course, but
their boyfriends all died. Immortality has steep prices to give.” Now it was my
turn to raise an eyebrow “You said “their”” I noted. Aria rolled her eyes “I
never had a boyfriend. I never want a boyfriend. But that doesn’t mean I’ve
never actually liked a boy before. It’s complicated.” She said with a wave of
her hand dismissively.

I smiled “Isn’t everything?” Aria looked at me curiously “What about you?” she
asked. I swallowed “You don’t have to tell me. I respect personally space –” “No
you don’t” I cut her off “I do too” she snapped back. I stared at Aria “Okay,
maybe I don’t with you guys, but I’m not exactly Ms Nice Girl am I?” she said,
throwing her hands up in exasperation. I smiled and rolled my eyes and began.

“It was before I came to Athens School. I lived in Phoenix, Arizona. A strange
place for me to grow up in, considering how different I am. But it held the
best years of my life. Lucas King was the boy who lived next door. He was shy,
closed in. never really showed what he felt or thought like the other kids at

But that was his greatest quality. Lucas was like my other perfect half. With his
light black hair and endless ice blue eyes. He didn’t run with the crowd, he
went his own way. But the only good people in this world seem to get the
rottenest luck.

We loved each other, but we wasted an entire year before we admitted it. I could’ve spent another year with him before he died. That one year I fooled around we could’ve been together. But then I was attacked by a monster and sent to the
Athens School. My first week at school, I received a letter from Lucas’
Parents. I remember thinking it was bizarre because I never actually met Lucas’
Parents, they knew I was dating Lucas of course, but we never met.

Excited, I ripped open the letter, maybe something from Lucas was inside. As it turns out it was just a picture of him and me smiling at a party and a note saying
Luca was diagnosed with a mystery illness and had died that day in hospital. I came home for a week to attend the funeral service and hopefully get over my grief. I was just leaving his grave after placing some flowers down when I saw the

It was a gorgan. She looked like an uglier, older version of Medusa, but her reptilian gaze didn’t turn me to stone. She smiled evilly at me and waved. I remember fury filling my veins. I knew she killed Lucas as blood from a gorgan’s left side is deadly. I ran after her, not exactly sure what the heck I was going to do once I reached her.

I followed the gorgan deeper into the cemetery. She stopped by the road, hidden
by her black cloak. She hissed at me “You’ve got a bigger part to play in thissss
my dear…it was necccesssssary for him to die…to break your sssspirit!” and she
vanished behind a passing bus. I returned back to Athens School, puzzled by her
words.” I finished with a big sigh, wiping a tear from my cheek.

It felt stupid to be crying in front of Aria, who made it quite clear she’s not
into soppy stuff, but I couldn’t help it. Aria nodded. “Interesting… As to why
a gorgan wanted to, as you put it “break your spirit” I have no idea.” She frowned
and studied my expression

“And from what I can gather off you…she may just have succeeded.”

The End

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