A few minutes after Astrid came back from checking on Sophia Thalia pulled me over to there little group of two. 

"Hey,"  Sophia said casually, leaning against the wall, "So, I need your help with something. Something important."  I nodded.  She continued,  "I need your help finding Nereus."  I blinked,

"Come again?"  Sophia rolled her eyes, then said exasperatedly,

"Nereus."  When I didn't react she said, "THE OLD MAN OF THE SEA???"  I nodded after that,

"Oh."  I said, "um...I don't know where he is?"  This time Thalia rolled her eyes.

"Duh you don't." Thalia said, "nobody does exactly, but you can help track him, he should be easy to find.  We'll leave the group as soon as it seems fit." 

I shook my head.  "If this is a scheme to overthrow somebody I am NOT going to be part of it."  Sophia stood there then said harshly,

"If you don't help me find him, I promise you that I will not help you.  If you are in trouble, and I see, I promise that you will not be helped."  I shook my head.  I was not going anywhere without the whole group. 

"I don't care."  I said, "We are part of a group.  A group is a whole.  I'm not about to abandon anybody.  We are all friends, and you shouldn't be threatening against one."  then I walked away.  When I got back to the group Phoebe looked at me.  I shrugged.  Astrid said,

"What was that all about?"  but with a knowing look.  She knows what Sophia is trying to do. I thought, but I shrugged indifferently . 

"Nothing that you need to worry about."

The End

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