Grace: Sick.

After Thalia not only told us about the enemy, but also told us that the Elite 4 couldn't help us defeat them, I got  a little freaked out.  Sophia seemed out of it, and I wasn't sure what was wrong with her.  I, however, knew what I was feeling.  Sick.  

As Thalia informed us about Kyos and Shadoe, I am sad to say that I did not handle it well.  I gagged, retched, and got sick all over the throne room.  I am positive that it wasn't just the information, but it was untimely that I puked right after Thalia told us,

"And They'll terrorize your dreams with nightmares, given the chance to break you."

So yes.  I was sick, and it was one of the worse times of my life.  It was the worse time to get sick, right when we were getting ready for war.  After I puked the first time, Flare looked a little dizzy.  Astrid turned away, and Sophia went back into her daze.  Thalia, Phoebe and Melody turned away as well.  Aria was the only one who came to help, and she didn't do much either.  She held me at arms length as she led me out of the throne room, and whispered,

"Don't you DARE puke on me.  I will NEVER forgive you."  so, of course, I retched again, and puked all over her.  I found it somewhat comic, but Aria did not.  She shuddered, and dragged me to a door, pushed me in, and screamed, "SICK!!!" then slammed the door behind me. 

I found myself in some sort of hospital.  I was at a front desk, with a...I'm not sure what, sitting at the front desk.  She (I think it was a she) took one look at me, said something, then I found myself on a bed.  The weird teleportation didn't help.  I puked a few more times, all over the sheets, then passed out.


I woke up to find my bed surrounded.  The Elite 4 was all there, though I would say that Aria was a little far away.  Astrid and Flare were also there.  Sophia was not.  They didn't seem to notice I was awake at first.  They were huddled together, talking about something, the war I assume.  The first one to see my eyes open was Aria.  She glared, then turned away.  Second was Astrid, who said. 

"Good morning Sleeping Beauty.  Nice time to pass out, just like every other time."  I couldn't tell if she was taunting me or not.  I let it slide, and opened my mouth to speak.  It didn't work.  More bile came flooding out.  It was not a pretty sight.  Aria jumped back, her eyes wide.  Everyone else jumped back too.  Ya.  I found a weak spot in our system.  Puke.  Melody went to get some of the weird nurses.  They came back, and led me out of the bed into a shower, where they sprayed me down-cloths and all.  Then led me back.

When I came back the sheets had been changed.  Everyone was by my bed, but very far away.  After I was settled they sat in their chairs again, Aria even farther away.  The first thing I did was speak, very carefully.

"So, where's Sophia?"

The End

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