Flare: Dark Revelations

We stood in the throne room of the Gods. Zeus had disappeared, probably cowering somewhere in a futile attempt to hide from Thalia’s criticism. The Leader of the Elite 4 herself was leaning casually against her father’s enormous white marble and golden throne, not even a little intimidated by the size of each of the thrones and the greatness of Olympus. Thalia was heedlessly cleaning the dirt out from under her nails, using a dagger she got from the gods know where.

I shifted uncomfortably from foot to foot, my hand in my pockets, my eyes fixed on the marble floor. Astrid and Grace were talking in hushed voices over to my right; Sophia was sitting against the central hearth like before, her knees up to her chest, her face hidden by her hand. Aria, Melody and Phoebe were standing off to my left, near Ares’ Throne. Aria was plucking her bow string thoughtfully as she talked to Melody, whereas Phoebe’s eyes kept flitting between Thalia, Sophia and Me.

Finally, Astrid couldn’t stand the silence. “What do we do now?” she asked, directing the question to no one in particular. “I don’t know, you tell me. Aren’t you the leader?” said Thalia, not even looking up from the bronze dagger and her fingers. She seemed so careless to me.

Astrid bawled her fists “No.” she said stubbornly “Then who is?” asked Thalia, seemingly now mildly interested now because she stopped what she was doing to raise an eyebrow questionably at Astrid “You are. Our job is done. You can take care of this enemy. You’ve defeated him before, you can do it again.” said Astrid, making me almost trip over myself walking over. Grace made a gagging sound and Sophia seemed to be oblivious to the world around her.

Thalia didn’t seem surprised, like she was expecting Astrid’s answer. She walked over to Astrid, placing her hand on her shoulder. Real mentor like. “Astrid. I’m not going to fight this battle for you. None of the Elite 4 will. Yes we defeated your foe before, but the problem now is, they’ll be aware of us. We won’t get within 100 feet of them before they sense us and collapse the ground under our feet, sending us to Tartarus the fast way.” said Thalia. Astrid clenched her jaw, but didn’t say anything. Sophia did though.

“You said“They’ll””she noticed “Who are we facing exactly?” Thalia glanced over her shoulder to her fellow companions. They all gave slight nods. “A formidable enemy who will constantly try to throw you off balance. Tempt you with your wildest dreams; trap you in their ghostly grasp. He’s a Prince of Ruthless Time; She’s a Spirit of Black Magic. They are Kyos and Shadoe. The demigod son of Kronos and the half-blood daughter of Circe, daughter of Hecate.” Said Thalia, her voice as cold as ice.

“And They’ll terrorize your dreams with nightmares, given the chance to break you.”

The End

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