Sophia: The Coming Of Thunder - Part 2

The stairs that were made of ice went for ever. Twisting and turning, up and down and around. Zeus had given Aria a gold necklace with a lightning charm of some description on it and told us to go to the heart of Olympus. He’d refused to go with us, saying that he was afraid of what Thalia would think of him and we’d left it at that. No reason to dwell on issues that concern Zeus and his daughter and no one else.

Soon we came to the heart of the mountain, which was pitch black and completely hollowed out except from the faint glow of the icy stairs. A tiny floating island of rock with a single steaming light beaming down on it through the microscopic crack at the peak. On the island were 2 small Greek styled display pillars with 2 glowing orbs on them.

The one on the left was quite big, bulky and solid gold with carving of the sun and day up and down the pillar. The orb on top of it was also gold except that it glowed with power and it looked like what water in pool looks like when the sun shines directly on it. The one on the right was identical to the other one except it was smaller, more elegant and pure silver with carving of the moon and night. The orb was the same except silver instead of gold and slightly sleeker and smaller in size.

“The Duel Orbs” said Aria as everyone started heading down the last few 100 steps. “What?” I asked “Day and Night, Sun and Moon, Yin and Yang.” said Aria, which confused me even more. Aria rolled her eyes “The gold one is the Solaris Orb, made from the power of the sun, the silver one is the Lunae Orb made from the power of the moon. They’re called the Duel Orbs because their pretty much twins, like Apollo and Artemis and represent the same things as Yin and Yang. They’re the most powerful weapons on Earth, besides Zeus Master Bolt and all that. Got it?” I nodded.

We reached the Duels Orbs. When the Elite 4 were in reach, streams of silver and gold light seeped out of the orbs like fingers stretching out to grab something; wrapping around us – not grabbing us but floating around us like water – and slithering along the ground as if looking for something.

Aria held out the lightning charm necklace in her palm and the streams of light grabbed at it. the necklace hovered into the air in front of us, propelled by the lights then vanished in a blinding flash and everything went dark. “is that it? Where’s Thalia?” asked Astrid impatiently. Aria elbowed her “Shh!” she snapped.

Slowly white light started to appear in the gloom, hovering slightly behind the space between the orbs. It started taking the shape of a girl, then it changed and morphed and in white flash, Thalia Night appeared, standing proudly.

If you were amazed by Aria, Melody and Phoebe – well be more amazed since Thalia beat them all. She was taller than everyone here, slim but well built, elegant and strong. Her medium length midnight black hair fell in a single wave of silky hair. Her skin was much paler than the others, but it seemed more natural, especially since it was basked in her slight golden aura. And her eyes. Oh, her eyes were stunningly beautiful and powerful. A startling electric blue that flickered with the power of lightning and seemed to glow a vibrant sapphire in the light of the duel orbs.

Thalia was wearing a simple blue shirt and black jeans with her electric spear Tempestas strapped to her back, it’s rosewood shaft absorbing the electrical sparks of its silver point and her bronze shield of horror – Aegis – strapped to her arm.

Thalia’s expression was stern, yet relaxed. When she spoke her voice seemed to resonate through the entire mountain

“Looks like we have a war to win yes?”

The End

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