Sophia: The Coming of Thunder – Part 1

I sat at the base of the central hearth in the majestic hall of the gods. Zeus’ talk with me earlier had not left me in a happy mood. After I disappeared from the main hall, I found myself standing in a garden; it was unlike anything I’d ever seen. It was dark. Rows of silver flowers glowed faintly, reflecting of huge gemstones that lined the planting beds – diamonds, sapphires and what not the size of my fist. Trees arched over the pathways, blooming colourful flowers and fruit.

Zeus appeared behind me “If Artemis and Demeter agree on anything, it’s this garden.” He said his voice still hard. I glared at him. “You remind me of Thalia very much. She often lost her temper with me, but seemed to restrain it a little, like you did.” He said, picking an orange of a tree then tossing it to me, I let it hit the floor “Your point?” I asked coldly “Does comparison have a point? Thalia is risky to release. She’s lightning. Unpredictable. Deadly.”

Somehow, this description of Thalia rubs me the wrong way “And I’m not? Are you seriously saying that Thalia is too dangerous! If I’m so similar to her whats the difference!” I snap. Zeus’ eyes flash like thunder in a storm streaking across the sky “the difference been Thalia can destroy entire cities when she gets angry, which mind you tends to happen a fair bit!” growls Zeus “But she stops herself! From what I know of her, Thalia isn’t easily baited into getting angry! In fact the Elite 4 seem to think she only gets angry with you!”

Thunder blazed in the distance, shaking the whole mountain so much I almost lost my balance “Watch your tongue or I’ll cut it out.” Zeus’ voice was deadly calm “now, get out of here” he snapped his fingers and the world turned upside down. I was standing next to the hearth. Aria stood from the steps of her mother’s throne “Where is he?” she demanded “I don’t know… in some kind of garden” Aria nodded and vanished through some gold door on the left side of the throne room.

“I’m gathering you don’t want to talk about it” said Astrid with a shrug. I nodded and slid down the side of the hearth to the floor. We’d been waiting for hours now. Aria had asked to speak to Zeus in private and he’d reluctantly accepted. Astrid was leaning against Artemis’ silver throne, her eyes closed. Flare’s head was rested on her shoulder. They looked so peaceful compared Grace who was curled up against Melody, her expression grim. Melody was barely awake, but she mouthed the word “Dreams” when she caught me staring.

Phoebe on the other hand was pacing in front of me, in excruciatingly frustrated steps like she was standing on hot coals. “I can’t stand it” she muttered to herself. Without looking up Melody called “Relax Phoebe, it’s only been 3 hours – last time it was 12” That just about made Phoebe trip “Oh don’t remind me, that was the worst day ever, no fun at all” said Phoebe

“What?” I asked “The last time Aria privately talked to Zeus about the Gods needing the help of their children. You know the last war sometime after the Titanomachy.” said Phoebe, still pacing. “After the what?” I asked “Titanomachy means the war with the titans. The war after that was the one with the Giants” said Melody, hardly looking up. “Whoa…you guys were alive back then?” I asked, stunned “Well, Aria was born just before the end of the last war. She’s older than any of us, but she wasn’t fully immortal like now. She was a huntress for her mother when she was actually sixteen, therefore immortal unless she fell in love or was killed in combat.” Said Phoebe “And she never aged since?” I guessed.

Phoebe nodded “We were born after the fall of the giants and Gaia. A little bit after the time humans really started to build up civilizations like Egypt, I would guess, I can’t really remember now. It’s all fuzzy.” said Phoebe, frowning.

We sat in silence after that. Phoebe eventually crashed next to me, although I couldn’t help but feel Phoebe was unsure about her birth more than she let on. At about midnight Aria came storming through the golden doors on the left side of the room. Zeus trailing behind. The door slammed shut, waking up everyone. Zeus sat on his throne while we assembled in front of the hearth.

Melody raised an eyebrow quizzically at Aria who was glaring daggers at Zeus. But she gave a slight shake of her head and Melody’s eyes dropped to the floor. “As before,” Zeus shifted uncomfortably “My answer remains the same. No.” Aria stamped her foot in frustration and outrage.

“Well change your answer. Zeus this is pointless! What would Thalia say about this hmm? About your stupid pride!” yelled Aria. Zeus looked down “Thalia would say “Pride comes before a fall” she always has” said Aria. That struck a nerve. Zeus looked up, his face riddled with worry.

“Pride comes before a fall.” He muttered “Thalia…” he grasped the armrests of his throne then looked up firmly

“You May Release The Leader Of The Elite 4”

The End

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