Before any of us could even open our mouths to ask him the question, Zeus denied us.  I was somewhat surprised, even though we had been taught that Zeus was stubborn and all that jazz...well, I had expected to be able to make our proposal.  I reacted mildly, but some of my group just blew up...take Aria for example.

"Really!  REALLY!"  she yelled.  "We came all this way, and we expect you to let us get her!!!  I have been waiting to see Thalia again for as long as I can remember."  I didn't quite know if this was a stretch or not, because I honestly don't know how much that she had remembered from before we released her.

Melody reacted somewhat like me, Phoebe stayed calm, as did Flare and Astrid.  Sophia is the other that blew up about it.  It reminded me of the first blow up/argument between Astrid and Sophia at the very beginning of our journey.

"Excuse me?"  she said, taking a step towards Zeus, "I believe you gave me the wrong answer."  she was calm, but I could hear the anger in her voice. "Would you try that again," she said, sounding like my mother would if I had been rude to her.  Then she said,  "We need to release Thalia."  I saw the look of rage on Zeus' face, and the horrified look on the three Elite 4's. 

"I Know,"  Zeus said again.  I could tell he was barely holding it together, I am sure he had rarely been spoken to like that.  "But the Answer is Still NO."  he stressed both 'still' and 'no' in a very commanding way.  I understood now that Sophia would not take No for an answer. 

She took another step towards Zeus' throne, we all winced.v"That is not the right answer."  she said, then repeated herself, "Would you try that again?"

Once again, Zeus tensed.  "I Know what you are asking.  My answer will not change, no matter how many time you ask."  Sophia seemed to think different, for she took another step forward.  I reached out, attempting to warn her, but not before it was too late.

"That is NOT the answer that I want to hear."  she said, "WILL. YOU. TRY. THAT. AGAIN."  she said the last part as though she was speaking to a child.  This time Zeus completely lost it.

"I HAVE TOLD YOU THE ANSWER.  I HAVE WARNED YOU.  I WOULD EXPECT MORE RESPECT FROM YOU!"  then Sophia disappeared. He glanced at Aria, but seemed to forgive her.  He gave the rest of us a cautious, warning, glance.  When we said nothing, he stood and left the room.  I stood there silently, letting someone else start the conversation.

The End

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