Astrid: Mount. Olympus

It was early morning when we arrived at Olympus. Following Phoebe, Melody and Aria, we circled on our pegasi one complete orbit of the Mountain, hovering over New York City. Yes, New York. We’d travelled that far in a little under 3 hours.

Phoebe had mentioned that pegasi have special travelling powers, but I never had to question it like this before. Anyway, I had seen picture of Olympus in the old scrolls in the library back at school, and they had always amazed me. this time if it were possible, Olympus amazed me so much I almost fell off my pegasi.

In the early morning darkness, torches and fires made the mountainside palaces glow every colour of the spectrum, from white to black, red to blue. Apparently no one slept on Olympus. The twisting streets were full of everything from nature spirits to minor gods and goddess.

I caught the scent of the gardens in full bloom, Moonlace and roses and even sweeter things I couldn’t name. Music drifted up from many windows, the soft sounds of lyres and red pipes playing a lullaby I realized to be The Valley Song.

Towering at the peak of the mountain was the greatest palace of all, the glowing white hall of the gods. Our pegasi set us down in the outer courtyard, in front of huge silver gates. Before any of us could even think to knock the gates opened by themselves.

“We have to ask Zeus’ permission to release Thalia.” said Phoebe as our pegasi disappeared into the clouds. “Why?” I asked, Aria raised an eyebrow at me “Because, besides the fact he’s the Kings of the gods, Thalia’s his favourite demigod daughter, he won’t be happy about releasing her just to stop a war he believes he can win without our help.” Said Aria like I was a complete idiot. “Oh.” I said.

The Throne Room was huge. Well, “room” doesn’t quite cover it because it was 100 times bigger than anything you can imagine. 12 enormous thrones made a “U” around a central hearth, just like the school around the central courtyard. The ceiling was painted with extremely detailed pictures of the gods – Zeus with his lightning bolt, Poseidon with his trident, Artemis with her bow and so on.

The Throne Room was empty though, except for the biggest throne across from us. Zeus sat there with his lightning bolt in hand. His black hair was neatly combed back and he was wearing a black pinstriped suit. His electric blue eyes flicked and sparked with energy and power.

“I Know,” he said in his deep, commanding voice “But The Answer Is No.”

The End

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