Astrid: Two Sides Of The Same Coin

I stormed off after my argument with Grace, Flare and Sophia. I was so angry and stressed out. I know what Aria said to me, but Melody and Phoebe had warned me that Aria tries to get on peoples nerves to see what they’re made of. I can accept that.

I climbed up the nearest tree. When I got to a good branch to watch the sunset over the horizon, I was surprised to find Aria chilling on branch next to mine. “You didn’t have to defend me you know.” She said, I sat on the branch and glared “I didn’t.”

Aria rolled her eyes “I’m sure.” She said sarcastically. “You know, Astrid. You’re not bad, standing up to me is an accomplishment in itself. I suspect you still resent me for everything that’s happened over the past few 1000 years and that’s cool. Hate me all you want but that’s not going to change anything.” I looked out to the horizon. “It’s sad to think you guys just left the world in the hands of stupid mortals,” I said “It is” said Aria “But I still think that in time, the world will come to accept us for who we are and not as some science experiments or freaks and that demigods will look to you guys for leadership once more.”

Aria plucked her bow string thoughtfully “Honestly Astrid, we never wanted this. The Elite 4, leaders of an entire race, the whole “most powerful demigods” thing. We just did our bit in the Great War; we took command when no one else would. That’s nothing special.” Said Aria. I rolled my eyes “Yeah, and the world isn’t n the brink of destruction either.” “Astrid!” snapped Aria “don’t mock this. The world is more important than your sarcasm or feelings. I learnt that the hard way.”

“Sarcasm? Please. You’re the one with the cynical personality.” “And the difference been I know when to joke and when to be serious. Do you? You are me Astrid, whether you choose to accept it or not and I’m not going to be the good old mentor that tells you the answer to your maths exam or makes your choices for you. You have to be the one to make you own decisions and find the answers out for yourself.” Retorted Aria coldly.

I sighed reluctantly “I know. It’s just sometimes I lose my temper and I don’t think straight.” I said. Aria grasped my hand. That’s the first sign of affections she’s shown me yet “And I do as well, In-fact Melody and Phoebe think it’s my best quality, my temper, even if I lose it. That’s the thing about been related to someone like me. you somehow always end up with my fiery spirit and that can be a good thing or bad thing depending on the situation. At least you’ll always have that burning drive to get what you want.”

“But I’m not even reasonable when I’m mad. Everything goes out of the window, it’s like I completely lose my footing, I don’t know where I going, what I’m going to do anymore. I feel like I’ve gone to the wrong side.” I said dejectedly. Aria shrugged “No one can make your path for you. Like Thalia said to me once. “The world isn't split into good and evil, there is both light and dark inside of us, but it’s the path we choose to act on that defines who we are.”” Said Aria. I looked down, unbelieving of Aria’s words “Or as I put it, “2 sides of the same coin” you and me. different in our own unique ways, yet the same in other ways.”

Melody’s muffled voice rang through the trees below. “We have to go. We’re heading over to Olympus next. Hope you like hiking up a mountain.” Aria’s laugh echoed through the trees as she leaped across the tree tops with unbelievable grace and skill.

I jumped down and landed next to Melody who was watching Aria disappear and appear through the shadows of the trees “She’s strange” I said. Melody winked at me “Only to the untrained eye.”

“What?” but Melody had vanished from view.

The End

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