Sophia: Reflections

I wandered back to the spring, alone, while the others split up; Melody with Grace, Aria with Astrid, and Phoebe with Flare. I sat down and stared into the sparkling flowing water beneath. My reflection stared back unnervingly.

I hated when we were fighting. Our differences had been underlying so far, but now the cracks were starting to show. And we were so close to our goal. We had to hold it together.

As my reflection rippled below me, I let my mind wander a little more. What would Thalia be like? Everybody else's ancestors had highlighted something incredible about their personalities - and not all of them in a positive way. How much like me would Thalia be? Would she make me realize something I'd never even known about myself?

The thought still didn't make me wish I wasn't so alone.

"You okay, Sophia?" Melody and Grace were coming back out of the forest. Grace looked apologetic as she came over and gave me a hug.

"I'm fine," I said.

"Let's go find the others," said Melody. "It's time we set off for Thalia."

I can't say my heart didn't lift as she said that.

The End

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