Grace: Conflict

Flare, Sophia and I were sitting together, talking in low voices, about Aria and Astrid.   We felt it odd and somewhat annoying that Aria had completely hurt Astrid's pride, and she had snapped right back at her, they were still over there jabbering away.  Astrid with a look of admiration and awe in her eye.  Aria...a look of annoyance. 

"Does she have to be so sarcastic?"  Flare asked us. 

"Did you hear how she talked to Astrid?  She doesn't deserve that at all,"  I pointed out.

"And now they're just talking like best friends,"  Sophia added.  We all looked at the four of them, Melody, Aria, Phoebe and Astrid, talking and making a plan...well Phoebe was talking, Astrid was interrupting, Melody was listening, and Aria was making a rude face at Phoebe.  Not a very nice sight.

""After all we went through to get Aria, she's acting like we've done something to hurt her,"  Flare said, paused, then, "I already can't stand her."

Sophia glanced back and forth between the two groups, then said,

"Maybe she's not so bad when you get to know her?"  it was a hopeful question, and somehow all of us new that it wasn't true.  Astrid glanced over at us, said something to the other three, then got up and walked towards us, a look of murder in her eye.

"Oh no,"  I said under my breath, "get ready for it."  and the assault came.


"You have no right to speak about Aria like that!"  Astrid shouted, well, whisper shouted, at us.  Flare stood, facing Astrid.

"We can say whatever we want about Aria, and you've got to admit that its true!  She's quick tempered and rude...and your personalities match!"  I raised my eyebrows, that seemed to be going a little bit far.   Astrid looked somewhat defeated for a moment, then turned to me and did something horrible, it was like a slap in the face. 

"Well, Melody is air-headed and cares about nothing important!  and now that I think about it, your the same way!"  she really was shouting now,  "Caring about everybody's feelings, trying to stop conflict in the group.  It's lame! Whats a group without conflict!"  then she turned to Sophia, who had stood up in an act to defend me, "And Phoebe!  She's always so happy and flouncy and brave!" she did this, waving her hands like a little four year old dancing. But I had a comeback for that,

"And you don't!" I cried, standing in her face,  "Ever since this trip began you were always trying to lead the way, when someone was in trouble you immediately took charge!  You were so proud and a strong leader, but now I don't know how strong you really are!  It started when you didn't want to follow directions, and go get Aria first.  I had to stop you then too, and now you're blowing up because of one little mention about a small flaw in Aria's character.  I'm sure there are plenty of good things in her, just as there are in you!  You don't have to go insulting us and our ancestors just because of what we said about yours."  I paused, then broke completely, "Do I really know you at all?!"  and I stormed away. I saw out of the corner of my eye that Flare and Sophia also left, leaving Astrid alone.

Aria, Melody and Phoebe had been watching us for a while by now, and as soon as the four of us split apart they each followed there own ancestor.  Melody came and sat next to me, then quietly began trying to calm me down.

The End

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