Flare: Annoyance

Even though Aria had just been completely rude to Astrid, and even though Astrid had snapped right back, I could still see something in my friend's eyes as she watched her ancestor. Admiration, awe, wonder, curiosity.

Astrid wandered after Aria, and they started to talk, to plan. I turned towards Grace and Sophie, who were watching Astrid with as much confusion as I was.

"Does she have to be so sarcastic?" I said in a voice low enough for only the two of them to hear.

"Did you hear what she said to Astrid? She didn't deserve that at all," said Grace.

"And now they're just talking like nothing happened," added Sophie.

"After all we went through to get Aria, she's acting as though we've done something horrible," I glanced over to where Aria was making a face at Phoebe mid-conversation. "I already can't stand her," I admitted.

"Maybe she's not so bad once you get to know her," suggested Sophie.

I chewed my lip. "Let's hope so."

The End

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