Astrid: Falling Stars - Part 2

When she stood, you could see the fire in her silver eyes. When she stood, you could see the way her wavy auburn hair was braided with strands of silver. When she turned to face me, you could see her dagger been drawn leather and silver bound sheath.

With lightning fast speed, she was inches away from my throat. But only inches. No physical contact. A hand had clamped over Aria’s left shoulder, stopping her cold. It was Melody.

“That’s no way to treat your friends” said Phoebe. Aria’s eyes flickered to the location of Phoebe’s voice, and then she turned away from me and scowled “Phoebe? What in Hades’ name is going on?” she asked her voice powerful and commanding. Artemis glided over in a single motion.

“Aria,” she said. The demigod turned and her grip on her dagger tightened. “Hello…Mother,” Aria’s voice was cold right down to the point. Even and blind old man could see their definitely was some history between those 2. Bad history.

“I know you resent me…” Artemis began, but Aria crossed her arms and rolled her eyes “Resent? Your selling yourself short.” said Aria with the ever slightest hint of sarcasm behind her words. Artemis ignored the comment and continued “But the Gods need your help… all of you.” Artemis gestured to us. Aria turned and seemed to figure things out for herself.

“What’d you do this time? Annoy Gaia again? Get too Cocky?” Aria’s smirk was particularly cynical. Artemis huffed “Cocky?” she raised an eyebrow, but Aria just tapped her foot impatiently. “War.” Called Phoebe from behind Aria.

Aria’s smirk faded “Oh,” she said in a mocking voice “And I suppose you want us to fight it for you? Grand!” she snapped. “Talk about moody” muttered Grace in my ear. “I heard that!” growled Aria, stalking angrily over to get in Grace’s face.

“Jeez, chill.” said Grace, backing up behind Melody a little. Aria relented, seeing Melody’s firm gaze‘Back Off.’when she turned on me, Aria looked me up and down then raised an eyebrow “So…” she said “You’re my only current descendant yes? Not much of a challenge.” That threw me over the edge.

“Speak for yourself, your not much better than me!” I growled back. Aria’s eyebrows went up “That’s better.” And she sauntered over to Phoebe

“Give me the details.”

The End

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