Astrid: Falling Stars - Part 1

It was midnight when we found Artemis by the spring again. The full moon was glowing brightly among the thousands of stars and the wind sang its song as it danced through the trees of theForest, animals scurried past and the birds were silent, watching their goddess with curiosity.

Artemis looked different. Instead of her knee length tunic and bow and quiver, she was wearing a flowing silver gossamer gown, her auburn hair was braided with a silver crown, the crown of the moon. Her silvery eyes with as cold and bright as the full moon above.

“It’s time. The Constellation – Orion – is upon us.” She said her once proud and fierce voice barely above a whisper. With Artemis watching carefully off to the side, we all stood in a circle – arms out to our sides – we began the spell. The entire forest fell silent as we chanted louder and louder, our voice resinating through the Earth. The wind picked up violently and the trees swayed.

 Above us the Orion Constellation brightened, the biggest star of his belt started growing larger, flashing with every colour of the spectrum. Mist crept along the edge of the clearing, glowing silver flowers – Moonlace – bloomed everywhere.

Suddenly, without warning the flashing star smashed into the Earth, in our circle, like a comet sending all of us flying 10 feet back. Glow of the light faded and crouching in the crater, glowing with beauty and power…

Was My Ancestor, Aria Sampson.

The End

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