Sophie: The Rock

The woods creep me out at night. There, I said it.

Anyways, we all continued forward, ingnoring the hoots of owls or far off howls of coyotes. Thankfully, we didn't have any confrontaions with any animals. Once in a while I would get startled by the rustle of a squirrel scurring off path. But the other girl would always tease me that I was such a scaredy-cat, so with that in mind, I tried to be less creeped out.

The velvety night sky fell upon us quickly, with shiny white stars freckling  us with light along with the cresent moon. We continued to proceed forward as quietly as possible, but there would always be that snap of a loose branch that would send us all turning around.

This spell that we were looking for was going to help us find Aria. I was excited to find her, but I als was a little bummed that Thalia didn't show up yet. I really would like to see her, and maybe she would even be able to give me some tips about Bronte.

"Girls, over  here!" Astrid exclaimed, waving us over to a large rock.

When I jogged over there,  I soon realized that there was ancient greek printed on its surface. Astrid ran her fingers over it, probably already starting to read it.

She murmered something, but I couldn't hear it. Soon she was muttering it again and again, and soon were Melody and Phoebe. I started to think something was wrong was happening to them, but when they looked up from the rock, I could tell in their eyes that nothing was wrong.

"I suggest that everyone who can read greek should read and memorize this." Phoebe said, her eyes never leaving the print.

"That's all of us," I remind her, and everyone leaned in, all of us soaking up the spell that could help us find Aria.

The End

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