Flare: Artemis

It didn't take long to get the hang of our unusual steeds. We had all ridden a horse before. The only thing was that it was even more important to hold on tight - there the regular threat of the winged horses getting spooked by something and rearing, but we also had to remember that there was also the danger of us plummeting to our deaths from their backs!

The wind tore at my hair, and at the thick white feathers on the large, spanned wings of my pegasus. A few minutes after we'd taken off, I had trained my eyes to keep from wandering towards the distance between my steed and the ground which lay beneath a thin layer of cloud.

 I glanced sideways. Sophie, Astrid and Grace were looking nervous as well. Melody and Phoebe had taken the lead, riding and controling their pegasi with astounding confidence and ease. I particularly watched Phoebe's skilled hands guiding her sleek chestnut pegasus.

A short way in the distance, something huge was protruding from the mist - I assumed it was the mountain. Melody and Phoebe glanced at each other, and then started to direct their horses downwards, both of them sinking closer to the fog below us. Sophie, Astrid, Grace and I followed their lead, and as we passed through the clouds I saw that we were now soaring over the greatest forest I'd ever laid eyes on.

"It's been a while," I heard Melody call to Phoebe as we all dropped closer to the forest. "I'm not sure I'd be able to find the Freshwater Spring."

Phoebe glanced at her with a smile. "Don't worry. I know how to get there."


As we approched the clearing, we were still mounted on our pegasi although we had landed. Phoebe and Melody were the first to bring there winged horses to a halt, and dismount. They took long, anticipated steps towards the clearing, clearly having caught sight of something.

Behind them, Sophie, Astrid, Grace and I exchanged excited glances before we dismounted also, and followed the other two. We could hear the sound of running water now.

We all came to a stop at the same time. A large rock sat in the clearing, sparkling water gushing harmoniously from a gaping mouth in its centre. A small river meandered away into the forest.

Standing on the spewing rock, looking down at the flowing stream, stood a woman. A tunic of silver skin hugged her waist and fell to her knees. A silver quiver sat lazily across her shoulder, and she clutched a matching bow in her hand.

She looked up at us, hardly looking surprised to see us at all.

"Artemis," said Melody, stepping forward. "I am Melody. Daughter of Demeter."

"I know," said Artemis, hopping down from the spring and coming towards us. A sympathetic smile crossed her face. "And I know who you're looking for too."

The End

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