Astrid: An Idiots Guide To Planning

Alys was great. She helped us figure out where we needed to go next. For a mortal, Alys knew a lot about our world – The world of the Immortals – and seemed okay with it, like she didn’t mind living next door to a monster hideout

Anyway I snuggled up on the makeshift couch, next to Sophia, and watched as Melody, Flare and Phoebe messed around with the map on the coffee table. Grace and Alys were sitting on the opposite couch, smirking and drinking their tea.

It was quite a funny scene, Melody, Flare and Phoebe. They would constantly snatch the map from each other when they had an idea and hold it up the heavens and yell “There it is! I was right!” before realizing that the place they found was the park, or the hospital, or the public school. (Or in Flare’s case - the public toilets.)

Finally I couldn’t stand it, they were able to defeat monsters and Titans etc but they couldn’t read a map. I yanked the map from Flare and laid it down on the table, the Grid North facing the actual North.

“Okay, we are here,” I wacked the map where Alys’ house was “If we want to find Aria, Alys said we’d have to find Artemis yes?” I looked to Alys for confirmation, she nodded. I turned back to the others.

“According to Phoebe, Artemis spends most of her time with her Hunters, so she’d be in a forest, but the question is which forest? There are 3 possible choices – Here, Here and Here” I wacked the map where the 3 visible forests were. “Now, from what you 2 can recall, what is the most frequent place Artemis visited, was it a clearing somewhere, a hidden lake?” I asked

Melody ran her hand through her hair and Phoebe tapped her head thinking hard. “Well, Aria spent every spare second at this Freshwater Spring in theDarkForest, you know, the forest that surrounds theMountainofDespair. We could check there first.” said Melody.

“Atlas’ Mountain?” asked Flare, Phoebe nodded “Yeah, but the only problem is that it’s currentlyMt.Tam, which is like in another state!” she said. “So how do we get there?” I asked

Phoebe winked at me “We fly demigod style.”

The End

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