Sophie: The Next Step

Once we finished our love fest, Melody spoke up and said we should probably find somewhere to rest up for the next day to come. We all agreed.

"Could we sleep at Alys's house?" Grace suggested. Melody nodded at her request.

"Yah, I like that idea. It will be safe, and that girl seemed nice."

So off it was Alys's house. We said good bye to everyone that helped us in the palace. They all wished us a happy and safe journey and it was almost sad to leave.

When we surfaced, we decided we would walk to the cottage because it was a nice night and it wasn't that far. On the way there, we filled Phoebe in on all the dteails that might have been left out when we were filling her in earlier. She continued to laugh and comment on everything we had to say which I loved.

We reached the narrow dirt road that lead to Alys's house. We ran out of conversation, so we just walked in silence, guided by the light of the moon.

When we reached the small cottage, Astrid was the one to knock on the door.

"Alys? It's us! Can you let us in? We've got something to ask."

We had to wait a few minutes before the door slowly opened. Alys's eyes peeked through the small crack, but when she saw it was us, she opened it all the way.

"Hi guys! Come in! You can tell me what you needed to ask over a cup of tea." The girl quickly shuffled  off to the kitchen to get some tea for us, yelling for us to shut the door behind us. Since we had been here before, we all sat down at the dining table.

As we waited, I could tell the Phoebe was checking out her surroundings. I was about to tell her not to worry, but then Alys walked out of the kitchen holding a large platter of tea cups. We helped her pass them out among all of us and she pulled up a chair herself.

"So what is it you needed to ask," she asked kindly, taking a sip of her tea.

Astrid also took a sip of her beverage before answering. "We were just wondering if we could sleep here for the night. We need somewhere to plan our next move and we can't do it out in the forest, so here was the best option."

Alys looked pleased that we would pick her house to be a resting stop in our journey. "Of course!" She exclaimed, adding some sugar to her drink. We all were relieved that we didnt have to sleep in the woods and then we got on with making a plan.

The End

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