Grace: Pheobe-Continued

Melody was right to leap back.  As soon as she got far enough away the water glowed even brighter and began unraveling itself.  It was an amazing process to watch.  As each strand of water was unwoven it melted into the water around us. The last few strands at the bottom supported Pheobe, who was still asleep, while a couple others picked up her weapons.  I figured I should read the last part of the instructions.

"Last, to awaken the sleeping victim, give her air." Melody looked astonished, then went up to Pheobe and breathed into her nose.  Immediately Pheobe sat up, and she grabbed her weapons.  Just before she struck she looked to see who she was going to kill.  When she saw that it was Melody she dropped her weapons, jumped up (the rest of the water supporting her melted away) and embraced Melody in a bear hug.

"I can't believe that your actually here!" Pheobe exclaimed, "I didn't think that you could breath."  Melody just smiled, with tears of joy streaming down her face.  I knew what she was thinking.  She wasn't alone in the world anymore.  There was someone else here that had gone through the same things that she had, that had fought by her side.  This was her best friend, and she was happier than any of us could ever imagine.

As we walked back towards the room that we had met Poseidon, Pheobe demanded that we fill her in.  Melody explained what she could, and Astrid filled in the rest.  Pheobe often broke out in hysterical laughter, and made ridiculous (and very funny) comments.  She honestly was probably the happiest person I had ever met, especially when you put into account that she had been in a woven water coffin for 1000 years.  After Melody explained her part she mostly just smiled, laughed and listened to her...reborn? best friend.  It honestly was a very happy reunion.

The End

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