Grace: Pheobe

Astrid and Sophia followed Melody, so Flare and I followed them.  I didn't like the idea of being underwater, I had never been a very good swimmer, but I felt safe in Poseidon's palace.  Melody led us through a large hallway, then a room, then into what looked like a council meeting.  Astrid followed her right in, but the rest of us held back, just peeking through the door. 

Melody padded quietly down the large room to a group of mermen.  She was gazing at one in particular.  She walked up, whispered in his ear, and he looked up, surprised.  He stood up, and followed Melody out of the room.  I leaned over to Flare, "what is she doing?"  Flare shrugged.  Astrid came back out with a surprised look on her face.  I gave her a questioning look.  She mouthed to me, later.

Melody looked happier then she had been since she had been released.  She burst out laughing just before she got to the door, and when she got out she introduced the giant merman to us.  "Hey guys. This is Poseidon." "What do we need him for?"  Sophia asked.  Melody replied, "I decided that it would be nice to ask him to release Pheobe, and I wanted to see him again."  Flare looked confused, "But the Gods have gone into hiding."  Poseidon laughed, and said in his deep voice, "We're in hiding when we're on Mt. Olympus, but I go by other rules when I'm underwater.  I welcome all of my sons and daughters to my palace...and all of their friends.  I was very surprised to hear Melody's voice, and to see her, but glad as well."  I nodded, still somewhat confused.  Melody then spoke again, "Well, I figured he Poseidon would be more willing if we asked him.  Right?"  Poseidon nodded, "But I am still uneasy.  We put them into hiding for this reason."  Melody gave him a pleading look, and he said, "but I am willing."  He then gave us directions to find Pheobe.

Melody was walking quickly, and as we got closer to where Pheobe was she broke into a run.  We could all tell that she was very excited to see her best friend again.  When she reached the door she waited for us to get there, then opened it slowly.

The room was amazing.  It was completely empty except for a glowing box in the middle.  As we got closer I realized that it was a transparent coffin of water, with Pheobe inside it, her weapons in her hands.  She looked as if she had just laid down for a nap. Melody ran towards it, only to be thrown back by an invisible force field.   This didn't phase her.  She turned around in circles, then seemed to see something on one of the walls. She ran to the wall and began reading something out loud.

I realized that she was speaking in Ancient Greek, but I still understood what she was saying.  It was the instructions for how to release Pheobe.  As she read them she acted upon them.

"...First, break the field." Melody read, then said to herself, "Celestial Bronze or Imperial Gold will do."  she pulled out Silvae and jabbed at the invisible field.  For a moment you could see it shutter, then die.  Melody walked slowly forward, as if expecting something bad to happen, but nothing did.  She approached the coffin, and called out, "Grace, read me the next line."  I nodded. "Second, approach the coffin carefully.  Find the beginning of the web.  Tap it with your weapon."  Melody looked at the coffin for a minute, puzzled, then cried out, "Oh! It's woven out of water."  She studied the coffin carefully, then mumbled something to herself.  She raised her dagger and carefully touched one small section with the tip it, then leaped back. 

The End

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