Astrid: Evil, Dusty Seal Things

"I know those shells..." muttered Melody thinking hard "I think there's some at the beach near here." she said. Alys nodded "Yeah loads, just look in the Rock Pools, under the coral." I stood "Thank-you Alys. We'll make sure to send Phoebe your way. if we survive the war." I said. Alys stood to meet my gaze "Thank-you. Save her okay?" I nodded and we left Alys' House and took a very long taxi ride to the Beach.

We all scrambled out of the taxi and ran down the sand dunes to the beach. the sun was setting behind the sea making the sky look like it was on fire. Melody led us over to a ridgid collection of tiny roc pools, covered in slick coral.

We dug around for a bit when Flare called "Over here!" we ran over. Flare had found about a dozen small sea shells, no bigger than a sand dollar, but with that fan like shape. they were glittering silver.

Melody rustled one free fromthe coral and brought it up. She grabbed a container from Grace's rucksack and held the shell over it. she rubbed it and glittering silver dust fell into the container.

"Grab some more shells and put the dust in this container." ordered Melody to Sophia and Grace "You 2, see if you can find some more." she said to us. Flare and I scouted the beach.

We had just found another pools with some more shells when we heard a noise coming from the otherside of a big boulder. it sounded like a rubber pad wacking the sand.

The next second we were face to face with a bunch of...dogs. Well, their faces were dogs anyway, with black snouts, brown eyes and pointy ears. Their bodies were sleek and black like a seals, with stubby legs that were half-flipper, half-foot and humanlike hands with sharp claws. if you blend together a kid, a doberman pinscher and a sea lion, you'd get something like what we were looking at.

They snarled. I looked at Flare "Run?" I asked "Run" she agreed and we high-tailed it out of there, carrying shells and 3 ton crazed sea demon thing waddling after us.

Our friends looked up at us in alarm when we crashed into a rock pools and ended up soaking wet. "can't we leave you two alone for 1 minute?" asked Sophia. I dropped the wet shells in her lap "Not unless you want to be eaten by some psyco seal - dog - thing!" I said pointing behind me at the waddling sea demons.

Sophia's eyebrows flew up. "Whoa, talk about ugly offspring" she muttered. "Gah," Melody said standing, a mixture of disgust and curiousity showing on her face. "What are they doing out? last time I saw them they were rotting in Tartarus." she growled. "Who-What-are they?" demanded Grace, Melody spat into the rock pool "Sea Demons, Telkhines. Fought them during the last Great War. Centuries before your time." Melody didn't seemed very threatend by them

"I'll deal with this." she marched right up to the lead Telkhine. "Daughter of Demeter" the left one said "Elite 4 none the less" the right one said "Thats me, now get lost." said Melody in a clipped tone.

"We don't take orders from you." the Lead Telkine snarled, baring his fangs. Melody casually brought one of her arrow and ran her finger along the point. very subtle sign language 'Oh really?" she asked. the Telkhines just growled and glared. Melody flicked her arrow into the nearest Telkhine and he exploded into a sulphrus yellow powder, covering the remaining 5 Telkhines in powder. they now looked like they had a bit of a dalmation in them.

They snarled once more and lunged. Melody ducked and swirled out the way, killing 1 Telkhines with her knife as she went. the rest went to us. Flare took down the first Telkhine by leaping off the nearest big rock and coming down on the demon with her spear. Sophia slashed the next one with her sword and she got covered in power.

Grace fumbled at bit with her bow first but when her Telkhine opened it's mouth to bit her, all it got was an arrow. I splashed across the rock pool, slid along the ground as the Telkhine jumped the bite me, i brought up Nox and rn it through the demon's heart.

We regrouped at the base of the sand dunes. Melody managed to save the dust we had collected and we decided to spend the night on th beach.

Morning was going to bring a whole bunch of new challenges to face.


The End

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