Sophie: Already Under

When we arrived in Horse Haven Hills, Grace immediently went to a set of swings. At first I wondered why, but then I remembered. Joseph.

Melody followed Grace so Astrid pulled the three of us away. I bet she figured that Grace should have some privacy since this was a very emotional time for her. I totally understood, but I didn't want to get too far away from them.

But suddenly out of nowhere, Melody seems to recognize a girl that walks in front of them. I call out to Astrid who is farther in front of me. 

"I think Melody knows that girl. I think we should follow them, just so we don't get separated. And it looks like there's something about her that Melody finds interesting." All Astrid has to see is the brown haired girl and she quickly turns around.

The three of us swiftly catch up to Grace and Melody. Grace fills us in on what's happening. Melody isn't talking, but it's probably just nervous energy.

The girl's name is Alys Waters. Apparently she knows something, something powerful. We follow a dirt road to her house, which is more of a cottage.

When we walk in, a small fire is burning in a stone fireplace. The air is warm and feels friendly.

"Go ahead and sit down," Alys said, gathering more chairs from a hall closet. "I think you're going to find this interesting."

We all pulled up a chair as she refuels the fire. "So you girls are looking for Phoebe, eh?" Alys pulled up a white chair herself.

Astrid was the first to speak up. "Yes, we are. I'm assuming that you know where can find her?"

The girl cleared her throat before speaking again. "Turns out, I can. But yo may not like it." Melody raised her eyebrows. "Phoebe is in Poseidons Underwater Palace. "

"Wait-- if Phoebe is underwater, then how will we get down there?" Flare asked. It was a question that we all were thinking.

"That's where I can help. You see, there are these magic shells that you must find. If you rub them, there is a special dust that falls from them and if you eat it, them you have the ability to breathe underwater. But they wear off quickly, so you must gather a bunch of them." We all stared at the girl, all showing different emotions.

The End

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