Flare: Leaving

The fire was slowly dying down. Sophia occasionally looked at Grace, as though expecting her to speak more about her dream. I on the other hand made a point of leaving her be.

Often, after a vision, it was a bit annoying to have to talk it out too much - being left alone with my thoughts helped a lot too. I reckoned that might be what Grace needed now. But I knew that Sophia was only trying to work her through the shock.

I heard footsteps coming. By the look on Sophia's glowing face, she was just as wary as I was. Likely as it was that it was only Astrid and Melody returning, there was always the chance that we were under a sneak-attack.

We both let a collective sigh as Astrid appeared, walking with her hands tightly by her sides, her face solemn.

"Did you guys find Melody's weapons?" Sophia asked, but her voice held little hope.

Astrid held her look of gloom for a moment before grinning, and Melody stepped out behind her, grinning, quiver over her shoulder, dagger and bow in hand.

Sophia scooted over next to Grace. "Come on, Grace, we're leaving now."

Grace blinked, took a moment to snap from her thoughts, and nodded. Sophia and I took her arms as she stood up, in case she were too weak to stand yet, but she seemed okay.

"Guess we're ready then," said Astrid, kneeling down and blowing out the last burning ember of the fire.

The End

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