Astrid: A New Heading

We sat around a campfire. Nightfall had hit and we weren’t in the mood to spend the night looking for a trap free area for us to set up camp, so we remained in the middle of the temple floor, among a whole bunch of flowers and saplings, because the nature spirits had been reincarnated into plants as they didn’t have mortal souls.

Anyway, we sat around Grace. She was huddled up, rocking back and forth. Her deep emerald green eyes were wide, but not with fear, but with longing, and with a strained, wounded voice, she told us her dream…of her home.

When she was done, Melody drummed her fingers thoughtfully on the stone ground. “Kennewick. From what I can remember, Phoebe spent a lot of her spare time there. Her mortal parent used to live inKennewick, with her step-dad. If I’m not mistaking, I think we can find someone who can help us there.”

I nodded “So, now we get your weapons, then we get out of this crazy forest, go to Kennewick, find this ‘someone’ who can help us get Phoebe free, then go after Aria. Did I miss anything?” I said flatly. “Nope,” said Flare “Lets get your weapons Melody.”

Melody shook her head “You guys stay here and look after Grace, I’ll go by myself” I stood “Not likely. Flare Sophia, you guys stay here.” A loud moan answered me, but a simply glare from me shut them up quickly.

Melody shrugged, obviously realising that she wasn’t going to get anywhere by arguing with me. I guess been related to Aria had its perks. We walked along the dark corridors that were dimly lit by the glowing coals that were scattered around the ruined pillars on either side.

We came to another room. It was no different to the others, except for the mountains of treasures in the corners of the room. On the other side of the room, up a few steps was a skinny Greek styled display column. Like a miniature version of the pillars they saw earlier.

On the column were 2 weapons, hovering slightly in a ray of moonlight from the crack in the roof. The first was a dagger. Its brownish green hilt was bound in leather, its pure silver, triangular blade was about eighteen inches long and gleaming like it had been polished yesterday. A ancient Greek inscription ran down the blade - Σιλωαε. Silvae. Forest.

The bow was a different story. Sleek and perfectly rounded, the bow was wrapped in skinny little vines, that in Melody’s presence, bloom tiny dark purple flowers that seemed to glow. Along the rim of the bow, in silver was its name in Ancient Greek - Αρβορθσ. Arborus. Tree. Named after the Elder Tree, from which it was made.

Melody hesitantly ran her fingers over the rim of her bow. “Take them. There yours.” I said. Melody chuckled “Of course, I’m what makes the flowers bloom in spring eh? At least that’s what everyone else says. But why am I hesitating then?” she seemed to as herself that, rather than me.

But then with one last glance up at the moonlight, seeping through the roof, Melody took her bow, quiver and dagger and joined me by my side.

“Let’s go. We’ve got a long road ahead of us.”

The End

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