Sophie- Finally Over

I ran harder, harder, harder to get away from the trees. I had come into the forest to follow something-not to get killed by trees. If you think about it, not a very pleastent way to die, is it?

I lunged forward just as a tree root whisked by my black hair. I ducked, scared I would lose my head if I didn't.

As I was racing(and dodging), I saw some light, which always meant the forest ended there. Even though my heart rate was probably up to five-hundred, I ran faster, just to get out of the reched forest.

When the sun hit my face, I collapsed on the ground, taking it in and getting my breath back. When the world had stopped spinning, I looked around.  The monsters were gone, and so was everyone else.

"Melody? Flare? Astrid? Grace?" I yelled in a very raspy voice. Nothing. When I was able to stand, I explored, but there was no one except for the dead bodies of the woodland creatures.

Then I remembered the cave that Flare and Grace were in. I started running torwards it, knowing that if I found them, I would be that much closer to finding the others.

When I reached the cove, I pushed some vines away that were blocking the entrance. And when I pushed the greenery away, three bodies came at me.

I screamed. "Get off me!" I shrieked, but instead of the reaction I thought I was going to get, the three bodies laughed.

"Sofie! Where were you?" Astrid said, smiling. "We thought you were dead by now. Grace was just waking up, so we thought we should be here. But we're really glad you're back," Flare explained, also with a large smile on her face.

Almost on cue, a moan was heard throughout the cove. Grace rolled onto her side and after several seconds she opened her eyes. "Glad to have you join us, Grace!" Melody said, and we all laughed.

The End

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