Flare: Trees

Surrounded by moving trees? Now, I must be hallucinating.  Before I could even scream, the trees grabbed hold of me, seeming to squeeze the life out of me.  They lifted me up, passing me higher and higher, until they set me into a nest at the top of the tallest tree.  I had my eyes closed, for I was terrified of heights.  Finally I got the courage to open my eyes, and I nearly passed out in fear.  Recovering, I looked next to me.  I saw Grace, laying next to me.  Her breathing was shallow, but she had a smile on her face.  She's alive. I thought, and she must be having a good dream.  That was good.   

I heard something below me.  Be brave. I thought.  Now, look down and see what it is. I slowly leaned over the edge of the nest, staying in the middle, my head barely over.  I saw Sophia, sprinting into the forest.  She doubled over, trying to catch her breath.  I wanted to scream at her to run, but I couldn't open my mouth.  Luckily, just as a tree was moving to grab her she sprinted back.  Thank Goodness. I thought, Now I just have to get us down.

I pulled myself back once Sophia was gone.  I still had my pack, and the paste that I was putting on Grace's head.  I unwrapped the towel, which was now bloodstained, and examined the wound.  It looked better than it had been, but it still needed more time.  I coated a new rag in the paste, and wrapped it tightly around the wound.  It would have to do for now.  If only Pheobe was here. According to Melody, she would be able to help.

The End

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