Grace: The Dream

After being suffocated by killer vines and then brought back to life I was not happy to be woken up by an attack of woodland creatures.  Having hardly any strength, I didn't even shoot one arrow before I was out of play...

I was walking towards a small city, passing through a park.  Knowing somehow I was heading in the right direction I walked through the park and to the front (I had entered at the back).  Horse Haven Hills the sign read. I was excited, I basically grew up at this park, swimming in the rivers and playing on the swing set and zip lines! This park is where I received my first kiss!  "You are sidetracked from your journey" a voice in my head said.  I was disappointed, but continued onward, walking through my hometown, Kennewick, and picking up supplies.  I saw danger, but knew not what it was.  I saw a bus 522-to Oak Harbor.  I knew immediately that I was to get on this commute. I knew Oak Harbor was a long way from Kennewick, and it would be a long bus ride with lots of switching, but I knew it was what we needed to do. I also knew that I would have many struggles getting from Kennewick to Oak Harbor.   

I was in pain, plenty of pain, and still under the surface, trying to gain consciousness, but something was holding me back.  I finally stopped trying, somehow knowing that I was better off unconscious.

The End

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