Astrid: Inherited Traits

I watched Sophia race off. she seemed truely perplexed about something, but I couldn't worry about that right now. I had a battle to win. 

There was so much blood. nature spirits and monsters alike lay scattered among the temple floor, and I knew i was the cause. i knew something like this would happen, but i was to stubborn to relent.

Melody was tired, the fight was too much for her, i could see that as she whirled, slashed and hacked through the remaining lines of spirits with an army of vines around her, mimicking her movements. She was strong, no doubt, but even ones as powerful as the Elite 4 needed to sleep and rest.

I, on the other hand wasn't yet feeling the dwindle of strength. I sliced and hacked through spirit and monsters alike as if they were only made of mist. Melody eventually hit the last monster with a devistating blow to the head and the monster went down.

I ran over to Melody, she pushed her hair behind her ears and looked down at the slew monster at her feet. "You alright?" she asked, I nodded "I don't evn feel a little tired" i admitted. Melody didn't looked surprised "Aria had great endurance and stamina. she often was able to withstand huge workouts and fights much better than anyone else, even us. it appears your've inherited not only her fierce spirit but natural hunting abilities, altough she'd still be much more powerful."

"Wonderful, I more alike my prehistoric ancestor than i thought." i grumbled. i couldn't help that resenting feeling i had towards Aria for leaving us. een though i knew she had no choice.

Melody caught my expression of distrust. "You resent us for leaving you don't you?" she asked "a little, i know you had no choice but it wasn't right. We are family after all" i said. Melody shrugged "Families are messy, immortal families are eternally messy, but sometimes we just have to remind each other that we're related and try to keep the killing and the maiming to a minumum."

That's when Sophia came back and the look on her face was beyond terrified.


The End

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