Sophia: Doesn't Make Sense

I was awoken by sounds in the woods, but in no time things turned into absolute chaos.

The minute I heard that first twig snap, I jerked my body up and quickly observed the area around me. Nothing.

 But in a matter of seconds, groups of woodland creatures came running out to were we had set up camp, ready to start attacking. Everyone except Flare stood up and immediently started grabbing weapons. Just as everyone had gotten their hands on a weapon, Flare awoke, shouting, "We're under attack!"

 "We've noticed that already!" Astrid snapped. "Now get to fighting!"

 The creatures didn't hold back. Grace was down in a couple of minutes, so Melody and Flare carried her into a cove. Thankfully, Melody was back soon. It was almost impossible for two girls to fight off that many woodlands. But as I was fighting, something caught my eye. I looked over the shoulder of a elk to see a moose running into the forest. I don't know why- but I decided to follow it. I yelled to Astrid that I would be right back and she nodded.

 I started sprinting in the direction the moose had went, but was eventually slowed down by loss of breath. Even though Icould still hear the creature panting in front of me, I didn't see it anywhere. Moose have a strong smell, so I sniffed the air around me, but I discovered nothing. "Well that's a little weird," I murmured to myself, quickly turning around to return to where the fighting had broken out.

The End

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