Flare: No Such Luck

"Hopefully..." I said in reply.  We had agreed on a rotating watch, and I was the first to stay up.  "I'll be fine!" I had told Melody, who was trying to take everybody's watch for them, "Now get some rest!"  Melody reluctantly went to her sleeping bag, as did Astrid (Grace and Sophia were already asleep.)  However, no matter how convincing I was to Melody, I was exhausted.  I was soon dozing, and, just as we think we're fine, EVERYTHING GOES WRONG.

I was having a nightmare.  There was blood everywhere, people were in pain, they needed my help. A scream woke me up with a start.  I sat bolt upright, and gazed around me.  "We're under Attack!" I screamed.  Astrid turned around and glared at me, "We've noticed that already!" she bellowed, "Now get to fighting!"  I noticed that Grace, who had just recovered, was laying on the ground with a large head wound.  I watched as Melody ran towards her, feebly trying to heal her, but it was one time luck...I ran over, hoping to be able to help.  Melody glanced at me gratefully, and we carried Grace to the safety of a nearby cove. 

As we set Grace down, Melody turned back, but then hesitated.  "Go," I told her, "I'll be of more use here.  If anyone else gets hurt bring them to me."  Melody gave me a thankful look--I knew she wanted to be out there fighting--then she sprinted off back towards the battle field. 

It was silent in the cove.  I pulled out herbs and a small clay pot from my shoulder bag, then began mixing a paste that I then rubbed on a cloth, binding the cloth around her head.  I stood, meaning to go see if anyone else was hurt.  I wish I hadn't

The battle field was bloodstained and gory.  The attackers, I saw, were woodland creatures--deer, elk, moose--and also satyrs,centaurs, wood nymphs and so on.  I saw that Melody had begun to control the woodland creatures, but the satyrs and centaurs were still fighting strong.  I saw Astrid, still fighting strong alongside Melody, but I noticed that Sophia was no longer standing.  I searched quickly through the lifeless creatures on the ground, hoping to find her, but I could not.  Alas, I thought, She has fled. I quickly turned back to care for Grace, but when I reached the point where I had left her, she was gone.  I turned around, hoping to get out, but was suddenly surrounded by...by...by MOVING TREES?!

The End

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