Astrid: Healer's Luck

Grace’s figure was limp, her eyes were closed and her neck had a line across it, where the vines had strangled her. Melody had fended off the vines by using her powers to send them back into the ground, but not before Grace had passed out from lack of air.

Now Grace was lying on the ground, her head resting in Melody’s lap. “Well?” demanded Sophia, as angry as I’ve ever seen her “Come on! Do something! Bring Her Back!” Melody looked up, her face expressionless “I cannot do anything, if the Fates will her to die, then she will die.” Sophia kicked a small urn of a near by display pillar in frustration, it shattered to the floor.

“No! She can’t die! She can’t!” Melody sighed “She will not back down easily Sophia, if she’s anything like me she will live. But I will try my best to heal her, but be warned, Healing is not a strength of children of Demeter.”

Melody took a deep breath and raised her hand over Grace’s frazzled face. Golden light shone from her hand and glittery dust floated over Grace’s entire body and soaked right into her skin. Melody rested her hand on her thigh. “That’s the best I can do, it’ll take a while for her to come around though. I wish Phoebe was here, she’d be the better healer.”

A few anxious hours passed, suddenly Grace coughed and her eyes fluttered open. She looked up at Melody, then tried to sit up but failed. “Hey! You need to rest, your not going anywhere,” scolded Melody, Holding Grace’s shoulders down when she tried to rise again.

“Melody…” whined Grace, but she rolled off to her side and onto the sleeping bag, Sophia, Flare and I had set up before along with a small campfire, while waiting for Grace to come around. “We’ll spend the night here, hopefully nothing will happen.” I said.

“Hopefully…” agreed Flare.

The End

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