Grace: The Temple of Pan

I was terrified of going to the temple of Pan, but Astrid wouldn't let it go, so away we went.  It was a short walk, no more than a half an hour, and we were soon at the temple.  When we came in sight of the temple Melody halted us, turned around and gave us a warning.  "There are going to be traps, and if you're not witty you'll get stuck in one and die.  We will be safer if we stick together, stay close behind me." and then she walked boldly into whatever was awaiting her. 

I tried to stick close behind, but after and uneventful 10 minutes I fell back and began to trail behind.  No sooner did I do this something bad had happened.  I was suddenly grabbed from behind. I let out a sharp scream that was quickly cut off as my air was cut off by something squeezing my neck.  I looked down to see that I was being held 20 or more feet in the air by giant vines, that were suffocating me. 

I watched as Melody and Astrid reacted.  Astrid was the quickest to react. As soon as she saw what a pickle I was in she pulled out her bow and arrows and handed them to Melody, then pulled out Nox to use herself.  As soon as the bow was in Melody's hand she strung and arrow and launched with deadly accuracy, cutting the vine holding onto my legs.  Astrid tried to find an angle where she could run up and cut the vines off my neck, but found none.  After Melody's first arrow was shot, Flare and Sophia pulled out their weapons.  Flare split her spear in half to give her two swords, changed her mind and turned it back into a spear and Sophia pulled out Bronte.  They all began slashing, dodging and cutting the vines.  I was slowly running out of breath, my vision was getting blurry.  I could hear faint voices around me, then all went black.

The End

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