Flare: Another Premonition

I was listening to Astrid and Melody's conference about Arborus and Silvae, then suddenly I was on my knees in pain.

It was horrible. I saw a forest temple, full of traps, and I could feel the horror of someone dying. There was lots and lots of blood.  I could tell that we were just south of where we are.  There was a bow and dagger in the distance, and we were trying desperately to reach it. It was short, but horrible. 

When I came out of my trance I found myself in Melody's arms, my fingers digging into her skin.  "I'm so sorry! I-I-I" I cried, not knowing what to say.  Melody shushed me, more interested in what I saw than her already healing wound.  "What did you see?" Melody asked calmly.  I drew in a staggering breath, then said, "Death. Traps, a forest temple, just to the south of here, I think, and blood...lots of blood.  I also your bow and dagger." 

Melody gasped. "I feared that," she whispered, "Arborus and Silvae are in the Forest Temple of Pan, God of the Wild." 

"Well then, we need to get there as quickly as possible," Astrid said, Melody's fear not fazing her at all.  Melody shook her head.  "Astrid, it's not that easy.  Pan was not friendly to humans, nobody who has gone there has ever come out alive."  Grace gasped, and began protesting, but Astrid was persistent.  "We're not going to get your weapons back by standing here worrying, are we?  Now lets get going!" 

Finally Melody agreed that going was the only way to get her weapons back, and she needed them if she was going to be any help in battle, so we left.

The End

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