Grace: The Explanation

As soon as Melody was well enough to speak, she turned to Astrid, pinpointing her as the leader, and said, "Okay, Spill."  Astrid, not thinking that odd at all, began the story from the beginning. First starting with the war that has lasted a thousand years, then the attack on the school. Our instructions from Mr. Johnson, and the beginning of our expedition.  Our argument about who to go find first, then the Styphalion bird attack that had exhausted me.  Our fight with the stupid Council of the Cloven Elders, and last of all--the releasing of Melody.  After the story was complete, Melody began speaking to us. "First of all," she said, "you're lucky for my reasonable descendent here.  She was right, finding me first was a much better idea.  If you had gone to release Aria first, she would have pulverized you the moment she saw you.  You dealt with the bird attack very well, I'm surprised.  The argument with the "Fat Ugly Goat-Men" as you put it, could have gone a little better though.  Now, what is all about this thousand year long war?  All I remember is being in a lot of pain, somewhat like dying...but dying is impossible," she said, turning to Demeter, "Isn't it m0ther?"  Demeter nodded her head, "you are immortal, but people were losing faith, you were fading."  Melody nodded. "But after a while the pain was gone, Aria convinced us to go our separate ways, then you..." she pointed to Demeter, "You came and brought me here..." she trailed off. 

We all looked at Demeter, wanting to know WHY the Elite 4 had separated, WHY they had been hidden in these locations.  Demeter sighed, then began her explanation.  "People were losing hope in the Elite 4.  They were being forgotten.  Artemis and I couldn't stand having them all in so much pain, so the idea was planted in Aria's mind that they should separate, try something new.  We knew she could convince everybody,  she had a way of doing so.  After they separated the 4 of us, Artemis, Zeus, Poseidon and I led each of them to a secret location, where we put them in an enchanted sleep, where they couldn't feel the pain.  Soon after this happened, the war began." she turned to Melody, "We're losing, dear.  We need your help.  We need all of your help.  Please, help these girls find your friends, and save the world.  Aria is the closest, and I believe that with you around, she won't attack these girls.  Go now, we don't have time to dawdle!"  and then she walked away, fading into the trees. 

After Demeter was gone, Melody turned to us.  I could tell that she believed her mother more than she believed Astrid, and she knew that she had to help us, before the world was destroyed.  I opened my mouth, but before I could say anything Melody turned around, and marched across the bridge.  Astrid, deciding that she was going to help us, followed, and we all followed her.

The End

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