Sophia: Arch Of Gold

Excitement, dread, happiness, worry. These were just some of the emotions running through me as I watched Astrid turn to the Elder Tree and place the golden key into the tiny opening in the bark.

Golden light shone out of the centre of the tree. Slowly and painfully the tree began to unwind. Slowly, it formed an arch way flooded with golden light, like the sun. the black shape of a figure started to emerge like a ghost from the light.

When it came through, the light dimmed and vanished and the tree slowly began to twist back to the way it was. The figure was a spirit that was becoming solid again.

In a few agonizing seconds the spirit had become solid and standing in front of us, was none other than the youngest, last member of the Elite 4. Melody Song.

Melody was unlike anything I had ever seen. She was tall, elegant and slim, with long, lush golden brown hair and her eyes were the most vibrant, beautiful grassy green eyes that reminded me of the rolling green hills behind the school. She was wearing dark blue jeans and a green silk singlet. But her weapons weren’t with her, which I found was a little strange, considering the legends about them say that their weapons concealed with them.

Melody blinked and rubbed her head like she had a massive migraine. “Whoa…” she muttered, she lost her balance and Grace caught her. “Steady.” said Grace, and she set Melody down by the base of the tree.

Melody closed her eyes and laid her head back against the tree, she looked so drained and pale. “Strangest dream…” she said “Dying…” Demeter knelt next to her daughter and placed her hand on Melody’s forehead. Demeter looked at us “She’ll be ok. She’s weak but ok.” Melody shook her head and opened her eyes again.

“No, I’m fine.” Melody stood and wobbled a bit but seemed to regain her composure. Demeter stood and smiled “She never could relax.”         Melody seemed to finally get a grip on the situation at hand.

“Ok, spill.” She said to Astrid, seeming to decide that Astrid was the leader of  the group, which didn’t sit to well with me.

The End

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