Grace: Fat, Ugly Goat-Men

Finally Flare had all my wounds taken care of. I slowly sat up, then tried to stand, however, my legs collapsed under me. Sophia gave me her hand, and I managed to get up. Despite ll their protests, I insisted on moving. We were so close, we shouldn't be slowed down. "are you sure?" Astrid asked me, she seemed to be the most worried. I nodded my head, "I'm sure." So we set off back towards the creek.

We were traveling slow, but I was quickly regaining my strength. By the time the creek was in sight, I was walking on my own. Spotting it, I started running, my comrades following behind me. I arrived at the creek first, and slumped against it, exhausted. Flare was screaming at me, telling me that I wasn't fully healed, and I had over exerting myself. I ignored her, I was too excited about being so lose to Melody. Astrid was the next to arrive, and she quickly rummaged in her pockets until she found the sheet with the spell on it. She handed it to me, but suddenly Flare was there, snatching it out of my hands and handing it back to Astrid. "Oh no," she said, "you're too exhausted already." I rolled my eyes, but I handed the paper back to Astrid. However, before she could start, three ugly men appeared.

I had seen satyrs before, but none of them looked like this. They were so wrinkled that they had flaps hanging off every part of their bodies. I looked at Astrid, which reassured the fact that this was the Council of the Cloven Elders. "Who dares trespass on the sacred ground of the Elder Tree! ". The fattest, most wrinkly satyr said. Before we could speak, another said, "I sense the powerful blood of a demigod." Astrid took a step forward. "council of the cloven elders, we greet you with and honor. We are decedents of the Elite 4, and ask your..." "No!" the fat satyrs said. I stepped up, "great elders, I am Grace Ember, descendent of Melody Song. I ask your permission to release her." The elders shook there heads. It went on like that for ten minutes before I got sick of it and said, "look, you fat ugly goat men! We need to win a war here, and to do so I need to awaken my stinking mother! I want to meet her, and your not gonna stop me!" Then I ripped the paper from Astrid's hands and began reading it. Astrid, Sophia and Flare all grabbed my hands, each reading part of the instructions, resisting the satyrs magic.  Finally the Council gave up, and we released hands, waiting for something to happen. 

The End

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