Astrid:Cross Country

“Arg! Its no use, we have to wait until they land” I said as we raced after the stymphalian birds. They were pretty easy to track, after all its not every day you 2 huge birds the size of phoenixes completely made of a sort of gold bronze making nearly impossible to look at straight on.

Grace was squirming in the grips of the biggest bird’s razor sharp talons as they flew over the tree tops. I could hear her screaming. Why would the birds be after Grace? She didn’t have anything they could want.

Then it hit me. Glimmering in the sun, tossed over her back was the bronze points of the arrows. Of course it made sense, Stymphalian Birds are attracted to shiny objects and when they were flying over, they must have caught the reflection of Grace’s arrows.

I wanted to call out for her to get rid of the arrows but I knew if she did that the birds would just drop her like a sack of flour from 100 feet in the air. But as we ran I saw the birds start to descend back down into the tree line, we must be near their nest.

We crossed a small creek and leaped over a rotting log. The good news – we found the nest and the stymphalian birds seemed to have left for the time been – the bad news – it was almost 50 feet in the air. “Grace!” I called up “Astrid! help me!” came Grace strangled reply

“Anyone have any rope?” I asked rummaging around in my backpack “Yeah, here” Flare handed me a long cord of rope. I knelt and grabbed one of my arrows “Astrid!!!” Grace was screaming urgently at me now.

I finished tying the rope to the shaft of an arrow. I ran back to the nearest boulder and climbed it for height before I let the arrow fly right into the tree, directly above the nest.

“Tie it to a branch and climb down!” I called. I couldn’t see what Grace was doing but the rope was swaying like someone was moving it. Very slowly and cautiously, Grace appeared over the side of the nest. I used my arrows to provide little stepping stones if she lost her footing as she abseiled down the tree.

Grace collapsed on the forest floor, breathing hard. She had a few scratches but nothing major. “I hate birds” she muttered we laughed.

“As Flare tended to Grace’s scratches, Sophia and I tried to figure out where we were. “The creek back there was passed, looks like Zephyrus Creek which is extremely close to the Elder Tree. It says here that the Elder Tree is on a tiny island in the centre of a huge clearing at the base of theZephyrusFalls, which the creek surrounds.” I said.

Sophia nodded in agreement “Ok, so we back track to the creek then just follow it to the falls and so on?” I smiled “that’s the general idea.”

The End

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