Grace: Getting off on a bad start

“Are you all packed?” Mr. Johnson asked, we all nodded.  Each of us had a backpack with one change of cloths and some food...and other junk that we couldn’t leave behind-for me it was a book.  As Mr. Johnson ushered us of he shoved a map into Astrid’s hands, “Take care!!” he called after us, and we were off.

We had come to a fork in the road where we couldn't tell which way to go.  "left," decided Astrid, who was holding the map. “No!” cried Sophia, looking over her shoulder, “I think we should go right, the glade looks like it could lead to the Elder tree where Melody is!”  Astrid shook her head, “Left will take us towards the star!”  I could tell by the look in Astrid’s eyes that she wanted to find her relative first. Sophia and Astrid started arguing, and I had to yell for them to be able to hear me.  “SHUT UP!” I cried, which caught their attention, since I was not usually that rude. “We can’t argue like this!  Mr. Johnson told us to find Melody first, did he not?  He said that she is the most friendly of the four, and would be the most likely to help us find the rest of them.”  Sophia nodded in agreement, but Astrid and Flare started arguing again, when Sophia joined in I had no idea what to do.  I didn’t like arguments, and I sure didn’t want to get in the middle of it, so when Sophia said, “...right Grace!”  I didn’t know what to do.  However, when I didn’t join in the argument Sophia and the rest started yelling at me, and I was soon close to tears.  “You have to pick a side!!!” Sophia yelled after I told her that I saw both sides of the argument.  That overwhelmed me too much, and I broke down.  “I don’t know!” I sobbed, falling to my knees, “I don’t know! I don’t know! I don’t know!”  This made the others feel bad, and they were soon all trying to comfort me.  “I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” cried Astrid, who felt the most bad, since she had taken over as leader and had not been thinking of anybody but herself, “Please forgive us!”  I nodded, “Of course I’ll forgive you.  I just think that we should follow the order Mr. Johnson told us.  He told us to find Melody, Thalia, Pheobe then Aria.” I looked at Astrid, “I know you want to find Aria first, but sometimes we have to follow instructions.  I think that Melody will really be the most helpful to us at the moment, so please, just get al-AHHH”  

I was suddenly grabbed from behind.  “Stymphalian Birds!!!” Sophia screamed.  Astrid had a better reflex, she pulled out her bow and strung it with an arrow, but was having trouble finding an angle that she wouldn’t shoot me as well. Flare also pulled out her spear and tried to jab the monster.  They were having trouble though, because I was somewhat in the way.  My bow and arrows were no help, and I didn’t have a dagger or anything short that I could use to stab it with.  I was trying my best to get free, but the Birds claws were hurting me more the more I tried. "Get them to drop me!!" I screamed.

The End

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