Astrid: The Papyrus Map

Ok, The school was still in flames, our history teacher was our ‘guardian’ and myself and 3 others – Flare, Grace and Sofia – were about to embark on a quest that would probably lead to us dying a slow, horrible, painful death but if we failed, the entire world would come to an end. No pressure.

Mr. Johnson wasn’t eager to let us go anywhere, but he didn’t try to argue, as he too agreed we need to find the Elite 4. He handed me an old and tattered map. “I’ve been saving this for years. This papyrus map will lead you to the 4 hidden locations where the Elite 4 are supposedly hiding.”

“Supposedly?”Sofiaraised an eyebrow questionably. “Well, the map is 1000 years old. Anyway, each location will be heavily guarded because, according to that map, all the locations not only hold a member of the Elite 4, but are significant places of worship to a certain species. For example, Melody Song’s alleged location is inside the Elder Tree, which is the oldest, most sacred tree on the planet, it is the life source of all nature spirits, from Satyrs to Nymphs and so on.”

I sighed dramatically “Wonderful, do you think they’ll be friendly?” I said sarcastically, Grace snorted “Totally, they’ll love to have a bunch of unwelcomed descendants charge into they’re place of worship and cut open they’re life source like a loaf of bread.”

None of us laughed. It was too stressful and daunting, and the thought of what we were about to do scared us to pieces. “You will set off in the morning.” Mr. Johnson said “Go back to your dorms and pack your things into a rucksack and meet me in here tomorrow morning for a quick debrief before you leave.”

None of us argued about heading back to the dorms. We were so tired that I would have past out in the corridor. But tomorrow had much more in store,

We could only hope that when the sun rised, We would be ready.

The End

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