Grace: Fighting the Earthborn

I had no idea that I could aim so well.  As soon as that bow and arrow was in my hands I was aiming and shooting as if there was no tomorrow. (and there wouldn't be if we didn't slay these horrid beasts)  I knew I was good with the bow, but never this good!

As soon as our weapons were in our hands all of us had the same thought, get out there and kill monsters.  When we ran out there it was worse than when we left.  The Earthborn, who had seemed to disappear, were now back and seemed to be multiplying, as did the amount of fire.  If we didn't stop it soon, the whole courtyard would be blazing!  The four of us ran around, attacking and killing the Earthborn.  However, we were overwhelmed 3-1.  No matter how much Mr. Johnson tried to help, we were having a lot of trouble.  Sure, we were supposed to be more powerful then the rest of the kids at the school, but we could seriously use some help, from anyone, even an amature.  But the heroes that saved us were much more than that. 

The courtyard was in flames, and the fire was swiftly spreading throughout the building. We heard a voice echo through the courtyard, "There's nothing we can do" Then, suddenly all of the monsters were gone, the fires were out and we were being pushed back into the building, back into our History classroom, (which escaped the fire, untouched) back to learn.  We have no idea who saved us, but it was someone sneaky, someone experienced.  We contemplated that for a long, long time before we found out.  Until we did, we had a lot of work to do...

We studied with Mr. Johnson from dawn to dusk everyday, learning about the war that was going on.  Half-bloods around the world were working together to try to with this war, but it was almost lost.  We needed a miracle, or the Elite 4.  That was what we were training for.  The 4 of us: Astrid, Sophia, Flare and I, were the ones with the most hope in finding our long lost relatives.  With our abilities, we would have the most luck.  If we failed in finding them, the world would end.

The End

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