Flare: A Guardian?

I looked around desperatly, trying to find something to resemble a spear, my weapon. Nothing. "Quick! To the..." I thought for a moment, "To the lake!" I speedily dogded an Earthborn foot and ran inbetween it's legs, making sure I didn't look up. I sprinted faster once it was behind me, not looking back once. As I heard the others' feet pounding against the grass-turn-concrete, I relaxed a tiny bit, knowing that they were here.

The sparkling blue lake came into view and I slowed down a little as we drew up to the edge.

"Why here? Flare? Why the lake?" Astrid asked. I paused for a minute or so to catch my breath, then aswered:

"Safest place. It's furthest away from the courtyard so it's safer. Everyone knows where it is, and we can use the water against it if worst comes to worst."

"And... And it's the one place in school where our abilities are the most powerful." Grace added.

"Really? That would explain the premonition." I said, my mind going back to the day when it happened.

"We still have no weapons though." Astrid reminded us, "It feels as though everyont expects us to get rid of it. We need to go back and --"

"Shush. Shush!" We we all silent; stillness was all around us, "It's silent. Do you think it's gone?" I said questioningly.

"I don't know... Shall we go back and see, so we can get our weapons and maybe some answers?" Sophia said. We all nodded. "We should go round the back way through the buildings to get them and so we're not seen." We all agreed, then set off back to the silent courtyard. No one talked - it was too tense - but there was one thought on the back of my mind that kept coming to the front: Is my premonition happening today? As I was debating over it, I surveyed the damage the Earthborn had done. Through the window, the courtyard was a mess. Trees pulled out of the ground, ashes and embers everywhere, some fires still alive, even damage to the building was done.

Absent mindedly, we all walked to our history room where we saw Mr. Johnson, our history teacher, digging through a large cupboard, cursing loudly.

"Umm... Sir?" Astrid asked hesitantly. He turned around sharply, and his face relaxed when he saw us.

"Girls! I wondered where you'd got to! Sorry for leaving you back there but I thought it'd be a good idea to fetch your weapons! Only, I seem to have misplaced them..." He was about to turn back to the cupboard when Sofia spoke up.

"Our weapons! You have them? Why?"

"You don't know? I have you weapons because I'm your guardian. But enough about that... Ah! Here they are!" Firstly he gave Astrid a silver and black bow with matching arrows, and a pure silver dagger, then said it's name: Nox. She turned the dagger in her hands and gave a sigh of excitement.

Next he turned to me, and handed my a bright gold spear called Solaris, which I automatically split in half to give me two swords. I smiled.

Next up was Grace, who was given a woodland bow and arrows, both entwined with vines. She brought it up and expertly shot an arrow at a poster.

Lastly, Sofia got a sword with a golden hilt. As Johnson brought it out to her, she gave a small gasp. He nodded. "My grandfather... Bronte..."

We looked at each other with mutual thoughts and turned to go fight that monster! 

The End

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