Astrid: Earthborn

“I give up” muttered Sophia throwing her hands up in exasperation, “We’ll work on-” the sound of an explosion rang across the Manor grounds cutting me off clean. “What the hell was that?!?!” exclaimed Flare, our history teacher stood up and pushed his glasses up “either some kids playing a prank-The descendants of Hermes I’d wager-or a monster” he raced out of the classroom, we followed.

The main courtyard was a mess. The trees and flower beds that were always kept in perfect condition thanks to the descendants of Demeter were now lying in bits of dirt all over the entire square; kids were screaming and running away from the crater right in the corridor across the courtyard, right where my locker was.

“Aww man!” Grace complained to me “Our lockers are totally smashed and I had a really expensive necklace in there!” “Will you focus” I snapped. Grace looked at me “On what? The fact that the courtyard has turned into a meteor crash site-” Grace looked at the thing emerging from the remains of the meteor “Or that monster rising out of solid space rock!”

The monster was huge. It was about the size of a fully grown male Cyclops, between 7 to 9 feet tall. It had six flailing arms, 3 on either side, a misshapen, demented face and 2 small bloodshot eyes. The worst thing was the fact that it was really fat and only wearing a loin cloth. (Eww! Is all I can say)

Anyway the giant loped towards us, growling and yelling. “Dude, we’re right here, we can hear you” said Flare “Flare!” Grace, Sophia and I said in unison “What?” asked Flare “Focus” I said. Our History teacher had disappeared, probably ran back into the classroom, scared as hell.

“Any suggestions?” asked Sophia nervously as the giant came even closer. “I’m blank” Grace called as we started to split up and move away from the wailing giant. “If we knew what it was, maybe we could defeat it” said Flare “Oh great, and you know what it is? Cause I sure as hell don’t” yelled Grace.

I thought hard, going back threw all the myths and legends I could remember from History class, while trying to avoid been flattened into a pancake by the giant. Then suddenly I remember something about Gaia, Mother Earth. She had sons (no surprise there) cousins of the Cyclopes, Giants and Hecatonchires (100 handed ones, I don’t know how to pronounce their proper name either) the Earthborn. 6 handed giants.

“Earthborn!” I called to the others, they all looked at me like I was crazy “Earth-what?” called Sophia, rolling out of the way of the Earthborn’s hand. “Earthborn! Slain by Heracles during one of his labours!” “Astrid!” called Grace urgently, I sighed in frustration “Just slice him to bits!”   

“No weapons!” called Flare.  I did not think of that one.



The End

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