Grace: History

"The Elite 4 are a group of 4 very powerful, immortal demigods.  Though many say that they have disappeared, they do still exist," my history teacher said.  "we know this because each of these 4 girls have an ancestor, and all 4 of them are sitting in this room." He paused, then wrote on the blackboard:

The Elite 4:

Aria Sampson-Astrid Star

Melody Song-Grace Ember

Pheobe Waters-Flare Harmon

Thalia Night-Sophia Craig

"Will these 4 girls please stand."  I stood, looking around me.  The 3 other girls looked so different, I found it almost impossible that we would get along.  I noticed that all the other girls were also glancing around, and all of them looked very nervous, but one especially. Flare Harmon, I believe, looked so jumpy that I wondered if she was sick.

"Would each of you tell us one of your abilities, other than speaking in Ancient Greek, and Latin." my history teacher said, "Astrid, you first, then through the list."  I stared at my teacher. I didn't really want to share my special abilities, they were kind of private.  The other girls seemed to be thinking the same thing, but none of them spoke up.  "Astrid," the teacher said. Astrid shook her head,

"My abilities are private." she said, rather coldly. I nodded in agreement, as did Flare and Sophia. The history teacher rolled his eyes, but left us alone after that.  When the bell rang, however, he called all 4 of us to stay after class. 

"Something happened to Flare that I think you all need to know." he said, "Flare."

Flare stood up, cleared her throat and said, "Well, this morning something odd happened to me.  I had a sort of, premonition.  It was sudden, and quick, but it gave me a clear message.  The school is in danger, my vision showed it on fire, and someone said There is nothing we can do We need to know more, and know why.  I figured you three might need to know, because you are the other 3 Elite 4 descendants. Does anyone have any idea what this means?"

I was thinking hard.  Flare had a premonition, the school was in danger. There is nothing we can do. We need to figure out who said that. That will help us decipher the rest.  I raised my hand, "Well, we need to figure out who was speaking.  That should help. Flare, you don't have any idea who it was?" Flare shook her head.

Us trying to decipher the message was the first act that led to our unbreakable friendship.

The End

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