Flare: Premonition

As my fingers ran across the grand piano, all of my thoughts vanished. Pleasure ran through me as I played louder, filling the room with my beautiful music. After a good three minutes, the Beethoven slowly died out as the melody ended, and I opened my eyes. Unsure of what to play next, I decided to finish for the morning and go to the lake - one of the most treasured parts of the school.

I attend Athens' School for Demigods (although, it's not even in Athens). It's run by the Gods' of Mt. Olympus, with their descendants coming here too. Mine was part of the Elite 4. Her name was Pheobe Waters - she can control water, create mist or fog, and communicate with all equestrian animals. Because she was part of a foursome, I know that there are three other "elite" students in the school. I know them all vaguely, having had short conversations with them.

By this time, I had arrived at the sparkling lake. The sun was at it's highest throughout the day, the lake reflecting it like a mirror. I sat down underneath a cherry blossom tree and gazed out into the distance, thinking about the Elite 4.

All of a sudden, my mind was taken over - or so it seemed. A scene came to my mind, blurry at first but then coming into focus. The colours were saturated - almost greyscale - apart from the large quantity of red, orange and yellow. Fire. The school came into focus. It was blazing, falling apart, dieing. I somehow glided over to the entrance. Someone was talking. I wasn't sure who. There is nothing we can do. The picture was slipping away. I tried to pull it back, but it was out of my grasp. I wanted to know more, to know why.

I snapped back to reality. I had fallen on my knees and had handfuls of grass in each hand, as though I was fustrated. Suddenly, I couldn't bear to be there any more. I stood up and brushed myself off, before walking back towards the school. What was that?... Why did I have that... that premonition?... Did it mean anything?... Should I tell anyone?

The End

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