Heroes Of History

4 past heroes, 4 unlikely friends, and 1 common enemy.
Astrid, Flare, Grace and Sofie are the most powerful descendants of the 4 demigods who make up the Elite 4 - Aria, Thalia, Melody and Phoebe - with the war between the Gods of Mt. Olympus and a new, unspoken enemy from the past. the 4 girls must race against the clock to find and convince their immortal ancestors to take up the flame again and help the Gods defeat an enemy that no one knows how to stop.



In the old days, people used to talk about the Elite 4, an unstoppable team, an unbreakable friendship between 4, 16 year old, demigods. But not many people realised our story, they believed they were the only ones who could never be defeated.

And when the world needed them most… They Vanished.

Almost 1000 years have past, the enemy has almost won, the Gods have gone into hiding and the demigod race is almost extinct. This is how myself and my three friends saved the world. Our ancestors were the Elite 4, and this is what they taught us on our journey to find them, this is our story, our sacrifice, our hope for a new world.

The End

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