Elena: A Knock At The Door

I relucantly regained conciousness to the sound of someone hammering on my door.

"Elena!" A male voice bellowed, sounding concerned. "Open the goddamn door-please!"

Softly, I swore. It was my landlord and I was behind on the rent. Glancing at my clock, I realised I should have been at the club hours ago.

"Okay! That does it! I'm coming in Elena!" Sounds of keys emerged through the door. I watched, still groggy from whatever had knocked me out as the doorhandle turned with agonising ease. I closed my eyes and wished I was something small, that he would never notice.  Chills were running all over my body.

"Hmpf. Must be at that damned club afterall." He grunted, after a cursory look into a couple of the rooms. He walked right past me, his footsteps thunderous.  

My eyes flew open. My perspective had shifted and now I was very close to the floor, as I would imagine a money spider might see the world. I stayed very still as he left again. Something was very, very wrong. I closed my eyes again.

Okay, when I open my eyes again, it will all be back to normal. Chills ran over my body again as I swallowed back hysteria. Things were getting too weird.

A warm wave of relief hit me, making me feel dizzy as I opened my eyes and things seemed to be normal. I ran to my mirror, checking my reflection. Same pale skin, same auburn hair, same green eyes, slightly wild. I gave a shaky sigh of relief and sat on the side of my bed. I lept up again, cursing.

"I'm gonna get crucified at the club." I groaned as I ran out the door, grabbing my keys and phone as I went. I finally made it two hours late for my shift.

"Where the hell have you been?!" My friend and fellow barman Matt hissed.

"Long story, I'll work overtime to make up for it." I muttered back, hitching a smile on my face to serve a couple.

He grumbled in reply and the rest of the night passed as expected. Once I'd finally explained things (leaving out the bit about turning spider-height) I made my way back to the flat, exhausted. I cut through the park and stopped dead. A girl was hovering in mid-air. I realised it was the girl I'd passed in the cafe earlier. I watched as she dropped to the floor, looking shocked. I started to go towards her, when a thug appeared, grabbing her.

"Hey!" I yelled, sprinting over. "Pick on someone your own size mister!"

He chuckled darkly. "Alright then love, hows about you then? I like 'em feisty."

My skin crawled. I wished I was somehow more threatening. He wouldn't laugh like that if I was a tiger or something.

Again, a chill went over me as his eyes widened. "Aw HELL NO!" He yelled in pure fear as I felt a growl ripple through me. Reflected in his eyes, the girl and..a massive tiger. I choked as he ran. I conjured the image of my normal self again and felt chills spread out. Blinking, I looked down at my hands, which were now shaking, but human.

The girl let out a string of Spanish too rapid for me to follow.

"H-hey, slow down! I'm not going to hurt you. I don't even know what happened there.. ohgod, please tell me you understand English."

"Si.." The girl replied cautiously. "I understand."

"Erm.. Whats your name?" I said, wildly searching for something to say.

"Maria." She was still looking at me like I was going to attack her.

"I'm Elena.. Do you have a place to stay?"

She shook her head and my heart went out to her.

"My flat is just around the corner. You can stay if you want? I have a sofa you could sleep on.."

She looked at me, wide-eyed, as she considered my offer. I tried to calm my thoughts, still spooked that I had changed into a tiger and now was offering a girl I'd seen floating in mid-air a place to sleep.

The End

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