María: Ingrávido

Slowly, I returned to consciousness.  Ugh, ¿qué pasó? I thought as I propped myself up on an elbow and opened my eyes.  Before me, I saw... the top of a lamppost?  Then, I did the last thing I should have done: I looked down.

I couldn't help but cry out.  In my panic, I must have shifted slightly on the bench; the next instant, I was falling.  Something caught me on the way down, and I looked around to see what it could have been.  All I saw was the night sky and the bench above me.  I was floating, but how?

Just then, the wire bench came tumbling back to Earth.  Instinct told me to roll out of the way, but because I had nothing but air beneath me, I simply began to spin.  Ground, building, sky, street, ground... it was a weightless ballet, though it was far from graceful.  Arms flailing, I racked my brain for a way to get back to the ground.  As soon as I thought about adding some gravity to the situation, I hit the sidewalk below.

Bench resting on its back beside me, I considered what might have caused this.  ¿La magdalena?  The cupcake?  No, it couldn't have been something as innocent as that... or could it?  Of course, before I could determine the cause of what had occured, I needed to figure out exactly what did just happen.  Did levitate that bench, as well as myself?

I got up and decided to return to the café.  Something told me that if I was ever going to get answers, I would find them there.

The End

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