Borg Magnus

Borg nodded his head even though his stepmother couldn't see his gesture.

"Borg, honey, do you understand me?"

"Yes Merian."

"Oh Borgy I really wish you would just call me mother."

You are not my mother.

Borg opened the door of his fathers limo and pulled his long slender frame to his feet. He ignored the protests from withing the limousine and flipped up the collar of his jacket, shoved his ear phones into place and his hands into his jacket pocket.

He despised his stepmother, she had only married his father for his money, and she was the reason he was stuck in jolly old England. He had nothing against London, he just hated the circumstances that had brought him here.

He walked until his ipod died. He pulled it out of his pocket and scorned himself for not charging it. Usually he had a memory for this kind of thing. He looked around and saw a sign in the window of a cafe proclaiming free cup cakes.

Borg thought for a moment about their intentions for the so called free cup cakes. As his father had taught him, nothing was free, and if it was, there was always a hitch. He became torn as a customer left the cafe and the scent wafted out the open door. A sudden gurgle from his stomach decided the matter.

He stepped into the cozy cafe and waited in line until a nice english women asked him for his order. He thought for a moment before opening his mouth.

"I'd like a hot chocolate if you have any and maybe one of those cupcakes if it isn't to much trouble."

The women at the counter had to lean in quite a bit to catch the last bit of his order, but she smiled knowingly.

"Sure thing sweet heart." she anwsered warmly before hurrying off.

Her comment made him blush. Too bad his mother wasn't like her. The lady returned with his order and he looked around for a open table. The was one in the corner and another in the middle left side of the cafe. He chose the one in the corner. 

He sat and watched the people hussle around, in and out. He took a sip of his hot chocolate. It wasn't too hot and it had a nice creamy texture. He sniffed the chocolate cupcake and it left him wondering why it could have been free. He took a bite and it graced his tongue gently with sweetness. Before he knew it, he had demolished it.

He looked around for a moment before he realized why it was free. His vision blurred and his face slammed into the table before bouncing off and flopping onto the ground.

The End

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